On a cold, Sunday afternoon in Cape Town, the mood for me is to keep all activities indoors; get some popcorn going, put on a movie or two, and stay in my blankets. This is all fun and games until you realize you are short on a few things, thus the need for visiting your local grocery store arises. This is not an easy thing to do, especially for people who don’t have a motor vehicle and are not prepared to spend a few bucks on the Uber / Taxify rides to and from the store. After a bit of Googling, I ran into OneCart, and decided there and then, it is time I give them a try.

OneCart is an online grocery delivery store, which promises to deliver your groceries within 2 hours. Overall the experience has been great, and I definitely see myself using them again, particularly on cold, windy days. Using the website is pretty straightforward, you start by entering your physical address, after which, a list of available stores will be presented. For this order, I chose to get all my items from pick n pay.

Shopping on the website is simple – you can search for items using their search bar, or filter by selecting a relevant category on the left sidebar. What I found pretty awesome is the flexibility available when adding an item to your shopping cart – should the item not be available you can specify a substitute or let the shopper decide.

OneCart website

What also impressed me about the application is that you are able to add your loyalty card details (Pick n Pay Smart Shopper, Woolworths Rewards, etc.) so you can collect points. The site offers the usual flexible payment options as seen in many other websites (debit, credit card, etc.). Once the order is placed, the service will keep you updated with progress relating to your order – I had received an SMS notifying me about the shopper being at the store, and I got another SMS notifying me my order is on its way. Furthermore, the system allows users to track the delivery of their order through a 3rd party web application.

Delivery time was just under 2 hours, and the level of professionalism from the driver was impeccable. I received my groceries and none of them were damaged (I ordered eggs which are quite fragile). After receiving your groceries, you sign off acknowledgement of receiving your items electronically, which I found to be great (save the trees).

One thing I would like to see from OneCart is to consolidate the entire process – tracking of orders into a single application. A young Android and/or iOS application would be great! Definitely will be using this service… it was quick, there were no hassles, and it saved me a day of bearing the cold wind in Cape Town.