Wanna send a huge shout out to Amy, who was so kind enough to buy XuXan and I K-Pop merchandise (the struggle is real in South Africa). Shout out to my K-Pop family on Facebook 🙂

Working and saving my earnings in a separate bank account has proven to be fruitful – last year, XuXan and I were able to ask some K-Pop merchandise to be bought for us. Amy was kind enough to buy our merchandise on her way to South Africa #EpicAmy

On the 29th January 2016, at 11:03 AM, I received an SMS from PostNet (courier company), notifying me of my goods being ready for collection. When the SMS came through, I got dressed up, grabbed my wallet (if they want any identification), put on some good shoes, and walked to PostNet (a distance of about 1KM). I was thrilled, excited, and full of energy. My sister asked “Why are you in such a good mood?”…. I told her to wait and see; all will be revealed in a few minutes time.

Collecting Goods at PostNet

PostNet kept things straight and simple. I gave the consultant my tracking number – after this, she was able to give me my goods and book where I must sign out my stuff. She asked me “Is there anything nice in there?”… I told her “Yes there is… 2 CD’s, posters and a coffee cup from South Korea”… After that, she replied, “Yho.. okay, enjoy dear….”. With all that done, I was ready to head home with my goods.

Received the package

Unwrapping the Package

The time came to unwrap the mysterious package! I was so excited!! When I tore the first packet, another packet appeared… couldn’t help but think of Russian Dolls. After tearing everything down, I was rewarded with the sight of my goods! Two K-Pop albums (VIXX Chained Up, and f(x) 4 Walls), two posters (VIXX and f(x)), and an amazing 2NE1 coffee cup (for my coffee addiction).

The albums are great!! I probably will not play the CD’s as I have the digital mp3’s on my smartphone and computer. I would hate getting these bundles of joy scratched. I am going to get the posters laminated so they can last a little longer, and stay clean. My sister helped me record my unpacking video (see below):

After recording the unboxing video, it was time to take a few pictures – my phone isn’t smart enough to take pictures and record at the same time.

Both albums are great – the f(x) album is a photo book – you get beautiful images of the members and lyrics to the songs (that is if you can read Korean). Additional bonuses to the album is a photocard (this varies according to the album you pick), 30000 WON coupon for Tour Express, a license key for Genie, and an f(x) Fan Card. The poster is huge – it has the 4 walls album art, together with all the tracks on the CD. I cannot wait to hang this one on my wall 🙂

The VIXX album comes packed with a tatoo (I probably will wear this some day), a photobook with all the members, deep quotes and lyrics, a photocard (this varies according to album) and what I think is some sort of contract. I should wear this tatoo on a week where I know I am going to work like a slave, killing semester tests. The poster I got was not too big, not too small, just sized right. I will laminate it and hang it on my wall (I think my lady visitors are gonna have bad cases of the nose-bleed).

Lastly, to wrap up the event, I had taken a few selfies, with my goods – my new Facebook, WhatsApp and Gravatar profile pictures (I might change my Instagram photo). Whilst I am wrapping up this post, let me not forget my first “K-Pop” coffee serving… man, it was the best!