2015 ended on a great note for me – my luck was clearly on “fleek”. I get distinctions for all my modules, I win an LG G4 Beat Smartphone, and now, as a K-Pop fan, I am proud to say I have locally produced K-Pop goods. I have been a fan of K-Pop since 2013 (2NE1, T-ARA and Bigbang bought my soul). One of the struggles with being an international K-Pop fan is getting merchandise – CD’s, clothing, cups, etc. do not come easy and cheap, unless you order with a group, or, you are super rich.

December 2015 was the month I saw (though Facebook) Abraxis Studio had several K-Pop inspired shirts, and, a trendy Parka Jacket. The shirts looked great, the Parka Jacket looked amazing… totally out of this world. It was a good thing my payday was a few days before seeing the Facebook post – I could afford getting such fresh clothing! The fashion designers are based in Cape Town – I could not go to their store (I am 1100KM from Cape Town), but I was able to place my order and get it mailed to me.

I ordered the Parka Jacket and a 2NE1 T-Shirt. I love how reasonable the pricing is – the jacket was R270 (approx. $17.07 USD) and the T-Shirt was R150 (approx. $9.48 USD). I asked for my name to be printed in hangul – this comes at an additional cost of R48 (approx. $3.03 USD). I am sure if I had to walk into the usual clothing stores, and find this jacket on one of the racks, the price would far off what these guys ask for. The order took 4 days to reach my door step. Hopefully if I continue my job, I am probably gonna order more clothing – the studio has great range of clothing; they are not limited to the K-Pop sphere. I hope Abraxis Studio has plans on creating a website – I would make “spreading the word” a lot easier, especially to those that do not have Facebook.

The ordering process is fairly simple – you send them an email specifying what you want (Email response time is a couple of hours). Once everything has been confirmed, they will start with order, and will let you know when the order has been sent for delivery.

I wore my jacket and shirt… it felt great. I love how the jacket and shirt is unique to me – the shirt expresses my love for 2NE1 (proud Blackjack), the jacket shows my support for VIXX – a group that I believe works really, really hard in delivering great music and satisfying fans (lets not forget the fangirls). I am really grateful Abraxis Studio is able to create fresh clothing, and look forward to making future purchases (I think it is time I upgrade my wardrobe).