December 2015… A month I shall not forget!! I entered the LG G4 Beat Competition on the MyBroadband Forums – users specify which feature is their favorite feature. To my surprise (and shock), I won the competition! I was so excited… I thought I was sleeping :D… With the phone in my hands, now would be a great time to report on my experiences.

The LG-G4 Beat (H735)... Thanks to MyBroadband!!
The LG-G4 Beat (H735)… Thanks to MyBroadband!!

The Phone Specifications

The G4 Beat specifications are that of a device released 2013 / 2014. The device comes with 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of storage (I feel this should have been at least 16GB), an 8MP rear camera together with a 5MP front camera, and a 1080p screen. I have fallen in love with the 5MP front camera – it eats my current phone’s front camera for breakfast.

The device comes loaded with Android 5.1.1 (I am sure this phone will get the Marshmallow Update), and has LTE capability.

Processor 1.5GHz Quad Core Cortex-A53
Storage 8GB (supports up to 32GB Memory Card)
Camera 8MP Back + 5MP front camera
Operating System Android 5.1.1

You can view more details on GSMAreana.

Phone Design and Feel

The device came with two back-covers… a diamond styled metallic, and the leather back cover. My favorite back-cover is the leathery one… the texture and feel is more pleasing and richer than my current phone’s leather back cover. Using the phone feels great – I love how the phone just agrees with my hand. The leathery back cover adds “pleasure” for my hand. As far as size goes, the phone is sized right – not too big, not too small, just right.

The LG G4 Beat Back Covers - I love the leather cover!!
The LG G4 Beat Back Covers – I love the leather cover!!

The Camera

I LOVE the front camera… 5MP!! As I mentioned earlier, the front camera eats my current phone’s front camera for breakfast! The front camera takes great selfies – My current phone has 2MP and taking selfies with only 2MP is kinda depressing 🙁

The front camera comes with “The Beauty Slider”… At level 10 (max), I looked like a doll!

The rear camera is alright – it is capable of taking great images, given there is great lighting. If you do not like the default settings, you can use manual mode, where you can take pictures like a pro. The downside to manual mode is that it really is manual mode – if using filters on Instagram is as far as you have gone, when it comes to customizing photo’s, manual mode will be rocket science.

Here are some images I took with the phone:

The Software

The phone comes loaded with Android 5.1.1. When I heard the phone comes with just 1.5GB of RAM, I was a little worried – currently, my Samsung Galaxy Note uses 1.5 – 1.8GB of RAM, and that is when everything is closed. I have loaded up a few apps that I use, and I must say I am impressed – I saw I was using 800MB of RAM (this covers System processes together with the apps I am running). The speed did not deteriorate, which is great!

Taking screenshots is a little tricky… You have to press the power button, together with the volume up and down button… I had to take 2 screenshots before getting the perfect screenshot (didn’t want the volume fragment appearing).

While messing around with the device, I fell in love with the alarm app – the alarm can be set so that it can only be deactivated by solving a simple puzzle.

Accessories, Storage and Sound


The G4 Beat comes with a charger, earphones and an additional cover (leather cover). I was disappointed with the earphones – the design is quite boring and the sound quality is average. I am happy with the charger and the extra cover that came with the phone (I love my leather cover).


I was let down with the storage on the phone – the device comes with 8GB of storage… you get roughly 3GB to store your files (the rest is used by the system and default apps). I believe this phone should have had at least 16GB of storage – most phones comes with 16GB or 32GB (I think the Galaxy S6 Edge+ has 128GB storage).

If you link your Google account with the device, you get 100GB cloud storage on Google Drive for the first 2 years – I think this great!! I currently have 50GB on Dropbox, 30GB on SkyDrive, and now, 100GB on Google Drive… Hopefully I will land myself a good job to pay for the 100GB space after 2 years has passed.


The G4 Beat has one speaker on the back. Audio quality is great – my m4a tracks played nicely. Just a pity the earphones that came with the device were average. Audio and video files play great with this phone.

Battery and Screen


The phone comes with a 2300mAh battery – which I feel should have been at least 2500mAh or 3000mAh. I am glad this phone does not suffer from the “Lollipop Battery Struggle” – From bedtime till the next morning, my battery lost 2% of its power (from 100% to 98%), which is amazing – My Samsung dropped from 100% to 69%. If you do not use the phone for internet, games, music frequently, the phone is able to stay on for an entire day.


The G4 Beat has a 5.2″ 1080 x 1920 IPS LCD screen. Picture quality is great, using the phone with this screen feels great, icons, apps and widgets look great. When the phone is on standby, you can double tap the screen to turn it on – the same can be done when turning off the screen. I ran Jetpack Joyride, Plants vs Zombies 2, and Monster Dash – these games looked great with this screen.

I have noticed this phone turn down brightness  based on its temperature – when the phone feels slightly warm, the screen brightness starts taking a knock. There were times where the screen did not register my double tap action – to turn on the screen.

My Verdict

This indeed is a good phone to have; I love the front camera and screen. I wish the phone had 16GB of memory, and better earphones. LG should simplify camera’s mode, so “photography-noobs” like myself can customize the camera with ease. Taking screenshots with this phone is a little tricky – hopefully I get used to holding down the volume controls and the power button, or I find an app that makes this process easier.