QuickTorrent has officially closed its doors. The service I loved using at home, and at university, to get my torrenting done has closed. According to an email sent to members, the service shutdown due to lack of investing, and a payment provider parting ways with them. Below is the email message:

A message from the Quick Torrent team. The QT team would like to thank all of our users for their support over the last year. Quick Torrent has been an amazing experience for it’s creators. We grew an idea into a product and that product into a business. We took time out of our lives to work on QT and to make it great, and I think for a time, it was. However, at the beginning of last month, our payment provider decided to part ways with us, and QT was in trouble. We searched for an investor to pay for our bills while we looked for a new payment solution, and for a while, we thought we had found one. Alas, we had not and as of today, Quick Torrent is shutting down. We love all of our users, and we regret that this will be inconvenient and frustrating to you all. Of course there will be a few questions two of which I will attempt to answer: 1) Can I get a refund if I still have days? If you payed for days which have not yet ran out, you can request a refund using the paypal ‘file a dispute’ process. 2) I paid with Bitcoin and did not get to use the service, what can I do? We will be refunding all of our users who paid with Bitcoin, please email support@quicktorrent.io with your account email address, Coinbase reference number and a BTC address which you want the refund sent to. Lastly I would like to add that the technology / product of Quick Torrent is for sale for a flat rate of $2000.00. This does not include our existing customers or their information. Only the technology (source code, config details etc) to run Quick Torrent and also documentation on how to set everything up etc. Please contact support@quicktorrent.io if you are interested in discussing this further Lastly, Pierre and Jason would like to thank all of the fantastic users who have provided us with their time and supported us during tough times. We are sorry that our time together has to end this way.

What made me love the service was that it was affordable – I signed up for a monthly subscription, and at the time, the price was $2.99 each month. This gave me unlimited storage and bandwidth, and I could have as many torrents running as I wanted. Another point which sold me to QuickTorrent was the speeds I would get at University – these speeds were around 1MB/sec, and through my own proxy server, this shot up to 4MB/sec. There was one month, where I blew through 150GB of data usage at university (those warning emails were entertaining).

The service was not all perfect – it had its days where torrents would be stuck on 0%, or you could not add anymore torrents, or speeds were degraded. The team were able to fix these and life would be back on track. I was not so annoyed when problems surfaced, mainly because I am a student (I should be studying), and when a service grows from small to big, problems are bound to happen.

I was really keen on seeing the service grow, and watch it get faster and smarter (new fancy functionality). I was hoping I would make my first “torrent” Android application with QuickTorrent working behind the scenes.

Sad to see an amazing service close its doors, I would have loved if it was kept alive and running. I applaud the guys who built this system, and got people using the service… hopefully, I can build something of a large scale, in my “mid-developer” years.