In my earlier post, I spoke of how my modem stopped working with Windows 10, and that one “solution” to this would be to launch the application from Command Prompt (Administrator). A few days ago, a forumite on the MyBroadband forums shared a link to the updated firmware for the modem.

The update is a little over 65MB, and it installs easy. If you have not grabbed the update, you can find it on D-Link’s FTP

All you do is connect the modem to your computer and launch the update exe. After the update completes, you will need to uninstall the current D-Link Connection Manager software installed on your computer. After uninstalling, restart your computer and install the D-Link software from your modem. Now, your modem will work 🙂

After this update, I noticed my modem now comes with the ability to make phone calls 🙂