My instant coffee ran out 2 days before payday. Because coffee is part of my system, and I really can’t pass a day or two without coffee, I had to act fast on reloading my “drug” supply. Instead of buying more instant coffee (I love Douwe Egberts Mocha Kenyan Style), I decided it is time I upgrade my coffee experience, with buying a coffee plunger, a milk frother, and some ground coffee. I brewed my first cup, and it was amazing! I do not see myself going back to instant coffee!!

The second brew I made for breakfast... Did I enjoy every drop of it
The second brew I made for breakfast… Did I enjoy every drop of it

Setting Everything Up

I bought everything I needed from the Pick n Pay in my area (Summerstrand). What took me for surprise, was the low cost of getting everything – The French Press / Coffee Plunger was ZAR 129, the milk frother was ZAR 59, the ground coffee was just under ZAR 70. I was prepared to spend at least R200 on the plunger 🙂 As far as the ground coffee went, I thought it would be a good idea to buy Douwe Egberts, and House of Coffees… I will buy more brands as time goes by, to experiment the different tastes.

Breakfasts got a lot exciting with my new upgrade… Brew up some coffee, froth the milk, make the breakfast… enjoy, with some K-Pop playing in the background 🙂

The first "upgraded" cup of coffee, with that froth!!! <3 I was in heaven for a few minutes...
The first “upgraded” cup of coffee, with that froth!!!

After my second week of experiencing “upgraded coffee” I find myself enjoying Douwe Egberts more than House of Coffee. I take both my coffees to work, and I find my job is more exciting now 🙂 . The coffee helps keep my nerves calm, especially when students come in with “rotten attitudes” 😀 Programming will be enjoyable now!