October has been a really busy month for my feels – Ailee and iKON made me feel so many feelings… from feeling depressed, happy, liberated and more! I thought October would start and end with Ailee and iKON, until I heard f(x) is getting a slice of the “October Action”… Because I had not read full details about their comeback, I thought it we would get a mini album and a music video. The 27th of October has arrived and I was shocked to see we getting a full album and a music video from f(x)!!

f(x) released “Red Light” in 2014, which I found to be amazing – after that album I became a big fan of the group. I downloaded their new album “4 Walls”, and this album is just slaying my ears, hour by hour! It is an upbeat album – makes me feel so good! My favorite tracks on this album are 4 Walls, Glitter, Deja Vu, Rude Love, Cash Me Out, Diamond, and weirdly enough, Papi (Papi feels like a “dirty yet awesome” dance song… “Papi, lets go… I think I like it”… :O 😀 ) Amber’s rapping is so tight (as usual).

This album feels like a “Part B” album to “Red Light”… I think this is due to the time frame of the releases – a full album in 2014… another full album in 2015. I am loving this album, if the local clubs played this album, I would definitely be showing up!!

f(x) Hwaiting!! These girls work really hard!! A full album in 2014, and another full album in 2015!! Like who does that??! f(x) Hwaiting!!

Below is my best track in the album – “Rude Love”