After months and months of waiting, and reading on how other regions across the world were updating to Lollipop, Vodacom (South Africa) finally releases Android Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE. I noticed the update sometime last week (October 11 – October 17). I been using Lollipop for a week, and I must say I am loving the new “Light” user interface. I am loving the new music player!

Upgraded Music Player

The new music player comes packed with a number of features – the music player has a “Music Square” feature, which plays  tracks based on the moods on the square – I gave the music square a try and the songs it had listed under each mood weren’t too off 🙂  If you are not a fan of the mood setting, you are given the option of changing the horizontal axis to years, which will show you music according to its age.

Another feature which I love is, if you turn your screen to landscape, the music player will show you music suggestions – music on your phone, that you may want to check out. I think this feature will get me listening to other songs which I have stored on my phone, but haven’t heard.

The media player allows users to access shared music on devices connected to a private (home) Wi-Fi network.

Upgraded Notifications and Open Tasks

The Notifications Bar got a slight upgrade – instead of scrolling down to the end of your notifications, other notifications will be stacked under your last notifications, which I find to be neater, and nicer.

Viewing tasks that are running has become pleasurable – users can cycle through open applications, and they can close them by tapping the close (X) button, or they can swipe their finger to close it (same with Android KitKat). In this view, you can also split the screen with two open applications.

New Connectivity Options

If I were on an unlimited data plan, I would make use of this option as much as possible. The update adds a Download Booster and a Smart Network Switch. The Download Booster allows users to download large files by combining the currently connected Wi-Fi connection and mobile data connection (beware of high data charges). The Smart Network Switch lets users switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, and switch between mobile and wifi connections. This helps the most when the Wi-Fi connection becomes unusable (too many people downloading).

Other Updates


Lock Screen Notifications
Lock Screen Notifications

Lock Screen Notifications

Another sweet perk is notifications showing on your lock screen. If you want to view a specific notification, you tap that notification, and swipe your finger on the marked area, on your screen – this will take you to that application. Other notifications which do not “make headlines” will be shown on the last notification rectangle.

Re-sizing Windows

By swiping your finger from one corner of the screen, the application you have open will re-size itself. After re-sizing an application, you can position it to your satisfaction.

After re-sizing an application, you can re-position it to your liking
After re-sizing an application, you can re-position it to your liking