Can I just start this post by saying I have died so many times, just listening and singing along to some of the beautiful songs Ailee has released! I thought I could live, after dying from Ailee…. clearly I was wrong! iKON released the first half of their album, and I died a couple more times (Airplane and Rythm Ta)… October goes to Ailee, such an amazing, talented artist!! #DeathByKPop #MyEarsWereNeverReady

It was back in 2014 when I first heard of Ailee. I gave her Mini Album “Magazine” a try and it really impressed me – Her tracks 손대지마 (Don’t Touch Me), Teardrop and 문득병 (Sudden Illness) really stood out for me! After listening to the mini, I had the thought “I hope she releases a full album” going in my head… and now, that thought has been satisfied!

Ailee (에일리) Getting bad in "Mind Your Own Business" (너나 잘해)
Ailee (에일리) Getting bad in “Mind Your Own Business” (너나 잘해)

The start of Ailee’s music video was a bit weird, but, after listening to her entire album, it makes sense to open the music video with “Letting Go” – which features Amber from f(x).

The story in the video was a funny one – Ailee came out, with her “girls” to make her now, ex-boyfriend, pay for stepping on her toes! With Ailee as the ring leader, her crew do all sorts of things – taunting the “ex”, trashing the ex’s place, wrecking the ex’s car, and even breaking out of jail 😀 I laughed when Ailee decides to “hide” when she sees the cops, and they got their guns blazing!!

I cannot complain when it comes to this music video… Ailee was looking amazing, her voice was amazing, the song is amazing… everything in this MV was done perfectly!

When it comes to the album, I understand why she she titled it “Vivid” – the album feels like it has a mix of everything. My favorite tracks on this album are 사람이 왜 그래 (How Can Someone Be Like This)잔을 채우고 (Fill Up My Glass), Love Recipe, Insane너나 잘해 (Mind Your Own Business)and Letting Go (Feat. Amber). Two tracks which REALLY stood out for me are 사람이 왜 그래 (How Can Someone Be Like This) and 잔을 채우고 (Fill Up My Glass) – She hits the right notes in 잔을 채우고 (Fill Up My Glass)… each time I listen to this song, I feel like the song is liberating me!! Such a beautiful song!! My second favorite is 사람이 왜 그래 (How Can Someone Be Like This) – the track feels deep for me… I can’t listen to this song too much otherwise my feels will be out of order for a while 😀

This album has made me love Ailee so much!! A highly talented artist with a strong voice, able to reach those tight notes!! I really, really hope to see more of Ailee… Ailee Hwaiting!!