Nothing is as sweet as victory.... racing to win!
Nothing is as sweet as victory…. racing to win!

Need For Speed: The Run…. this game has gone from being really fun and innocent, to being rough and ratchet! You get players who clearly cannot drive – they will bump players off the road, or bump the player straight into a wall or oncoming traffic. If it is not the ratchet driving, it is players using cheats / trainers to finish the game. I would rather lose a game than to cheat in it. With all of this happening, there is no way players are going to keep quiet – you get those players who will rant about all that is happening. While this can be entertaining at times, it isn’t so nice if you are the subject.

Cheating is a Common Thing

One instance of cheating.... a few seconds after the race has started, someone has already finished the game!
One instance of cheating…. a few seconds after the race has started, someone has already finished the game!

The cheating in these online sessions doesn’t come as shock to me anymore… I wonder if EA bans cheaters? They really ruin the online experience for everyone else. When I started racing online, I was such a terrible driver…. I would finish races 2nd last or last… now days, I finish 4th or 3rd or 2nd… 1st place comes by now and then. You should watch these cheating players roll… their cars will move as fast as an air plane. Seriously though, cheating just ruins it all, and that brings out the “inner ratchet” from many players, who will start ranting over their microphones.

The Rants Follow

NOTE: The above recording has strong language… if you are sensitive to that, don’t press the play button! You may want to reduce the volume a bit, the microphone does have it’s crazy moments. 

The recording I have placed in this post is what I would hear in several Need For Speed: The Run sessions. One or more players will get picked on for cheating or get their heads bitten off for their ratchet driving skills. Out of all the races I have taken part in, and all the ranting I had to listen to, this recording takes the cake as being the worst one ever… I found it entertaining at first, but then it really annoyed me as the session went by. Some sessions, people will complain about drivers not driving properly. While I agree to that point, I also find it ironic… most people I have seen use walls to help them make turns, or they will still bump into you while overtaking, despite the vast amount of space to overtake.

As ratchet as this game has gotten, I kind of enjoy it! I love how the ratchet drivers and cheaters get picked on. The game does have some really good drivers who don’t use walls to help them turn or bump into other drivers as they try to overtake. I love racing with those guys – the finish position I get isn’t relevant when racing with really good guys.

My Most Recent Ghetto Encounter

It was in this race session I was accused of using cheats / trainers
It was in this race session I was accused of using cheats / trainers

Yesterday (15 August 2015), I thought I should take a breather from C# and Android, by going into Need For Speed: The Run. I played nicely… I generally don’t use walls to turn, and I avoid touching other players. I think it was 2 races before the above race, where I was accused of cheating and using trainers! Like WTF!! At the finish line, I accidently bumped the driver in front of me, from behind. I thought this wouldn’t be a train smash, because that driver still crossed the finish line before me. When race results show up, we have the exact race time, and it shows I came first. Bitches clearly couldn’t keep their hold their horses, and they start accusing me of cheating… with no evidence whatsoever! I am a relaxed, quiet guy, and most crap I am able to stomach… when it came to this race, I was really pissed so I swore and spoke to those tools!

In the same session, MAXHJI35 was getting picked on for cheating…. he was a level 14 at the time of the races. I do think he was cheating… I saw his car move at lightning speed!! I was in fifth place when there was 2KM left to the race… next thing I know, he finishes the race in first place! Other players were going crazy… I heard them say “I have video evidence of your cheating”… and  “I am looking at his profile now… he only has one friend”… I couldn’t help but laugh!!