Back in my high school days / early university days, I was not as “good looking” as I am now – I was really overweight. My BMI (Body Mass Index) was 37, 6, placing me in the Obese category. I weighed 126 KG (Kilograms), at a height of 1.83m. I wore size 46 when it came to jeans, shorts, and wore XXL on the shirts. Doing simple things like walking to and from school, despite the short distance, was a challenge (I would arrive looking like I just ran some marathon). There was a point where I took a “I don’t give a fudge” attitude when it came down to food – I would everything I could get my hands on, and not exercise.

When I logged into Facebook, I was presented with a picture of myself, two years ago… I looked at it and was like “Wow!!”, I really did it, didn’t I? A total of 46 Kilograms lost. I now weigh 80 Kilograms, have a BMI of 23.9, Dropped down to a size 32 for the jeans / shorts, and for the shirts, I wear a Medium or a Large 🙂

This was me, early January 2013
This was me, early January 2013

When It All Started

Early 2013, I always had that thought, or rather, rough idea, that I should go drop some serious weight. I didn’t start immediately because I thought weight loss would be really difficult, it would take a really long time, and I may be looked down upon people… “What is this overweight guy trying to do”. Then, around July 2013, that was when my internet-whoring tendencies worked to my advantage – my favorite place on the internet is the MyBroadband Forums. On this forum, someone started a weight loss / weight gain thread (depending on what your goal is, obviously).

I read through the thread, and I couldn’t help but feel so positive and encouraged to drop the weight. Members of the MyBroadband Community were dropping really useful weight loss information – that was where I learnt of the Low Carb High Fat diet. In addition to this, one was able to weigh themselves weekly and update their result on the weight loss thread. After reading through the thread, I joined the gym at University – the gym is about 1,6 KM away from where I live (results to a 25 – 30 minute walk).

On my first week of my weight loss journey, I remember losing 6 Kilograms, and that was just from changing the way I eat – I did away with sugar, kept carbohydrates to an absolute minimum, threw out the fizzy drinks, and stocked up on some healthier alternates. As the weeks went by, it was really nice seeing my triple digit weight drop – I would drop a kilogram or two each week. The most I had lost in a month was 10 Kilograms (February 2014). It was not long until I noticed my clothes getting spacious – When I dropped from a size 46 to a 44, I was happy… that my work is paying off. This event encouraged me to work even harder, to drop more sizes and to eat clean. Two years later, I now wear size 32 for shorts and jeans, and I wear a size Medium or Large for the shirts…. People who saw me the “upgraded” me would comment “Yoh, I could not recognize you!” or “You are looking so skinny”… a friend of mine told me I look like a twig, compared to my earlier days.

This is what I look like now (Image taken July 2015)

Final Thought

It amazes me how I was able to drop 46 kilograms! Most of my photo’s on Facebook are of my past days… hahaha 😀 I found weight loss to be an exciting process – go to the gym, slay hard at the gym, slay hard at home by eating clean, and watch the results come through. I am really grateful to the awesome community over at MyBroadband for giving me that “push” needed to get the ball rolling. I would encourage anyone else who wants to lose weight to just do it! Don’t think about it like I did, in my early 2013 days, just do it! It is really fun! I still go to the gym (although not as much… got my 2nd Year Software Development project to deal with at the moment), and I definitely eat clean!!