Sidonia no Kishi blew us away with an impressive Season 1 – amazing 3D animation, top-notch action, some shocking deaths, Benisuzume and Tsumugi making their “unofficial” debuts, and much more! When I read a Season 2 would be making its way to our TV’s and internet, I was filled with joy! I would get to see more Sidonia action – and Season 2 (Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki) did not fail in delivering that! I really hope a season 3 will be announced – there’s just so much more I want to see!

The Season Finale: The fight between Tanikaze, Tsumugi and Benisuzume was amazing!
The Season Finale: The fight between Tanikaze, Tsumugi and Benisuzume was amazing!

Angela Delivers Another Impressive Track

Angela (the group that created the opening songs for season 1 and 2) gave us a great opening song to Season 1’s Sidonia no Kishi (Sidonia). I remember my days of being hooked to that song – it would be on repeat, on my laptop or my smartphone.

Angela does it again by giving us another impressive opening song! The new opening makes me respect those who had fallen and respect those who go out on sortie orders to fight those pesky, yet interesting, Gauna who now come with upgrades. It is a catchy song; on some days, I play this song while I work out at the gym.

“Oh Knights, Knights, Knights, of Sidonia -ah -ah -ah”🎵 🎶 🎶 🎼 

Action, Action, Action!

The second season of Sidonia no Kishi had everything I wanted to see from it – action, a bit of politics, some dodgy dealings, a “game plan” and of course, a bit of fun and comedy here and there.

What kept me on the edge of my seat were the upgrades on both sides of the field – The Gauna got stronger and smarter, Sidonia got smarter, being able to produce newer and stronger equipment to fight the Gauna. The battles between both sides, and how the battles play out, really impressed me.

In Season 1, we just got a taste of the “politics” behind Sidonia – Season 2 was able to expand more into the politics behind Sidonia. As a result, things got bloody and ugly (which I loved)! The way politics lead to violence and that lead to a change in management really excited me!!

Some hilarious moments in this season:

  • Tanikaze taking several beatings for being “in the wrong place at the wrong time”
  • “Everyone” having a crush on Tanikaze (the thirst got real)
  • Izana’s “mood swings” and adventures
  • The “cheesy” yet hilarious pick-up lines

Tsumugi made a great addition to the Sidonia family… At the end of Season 1, I thought she was “The Queen of the Gauna” and that she was going to force Sidonia into some deal, or call a massive wave of Gauna to take down Sidonia. Loved Tsumugi’s mad fighting skills (episode 4, I am looking at you! ). Tsumugi isn’t just a weapon – she has shown us she has feelings, she is capable of having friendship bonds, and that she has a really good heart! I felt for Tsumugi when Benisuzume made a last minute comeback 🙁

Final Thought

Sidonia no Kishi is such an epic anime!! Season 1 was amazing, and Season 2 did not fail at bringing back that excitement we all had in Season 1. I was sad Season 2 ended with 12 episodes, wish there was a bit more. This anime is defintiely worth every megabyte of internet used!!

I am hoping Sidonia no Kishi comes back for a third season – I do not believe the Planet Nine invasion has been concluded; there is still the massive Gauna that tried attacking Izana, we do not know why Gauna have been inhabiting Planet Nine and why they were so defensive of it. We do not know what happened to the “experimental Gauna weapon”… it just vanished. Those tiny creatures that take over your mind once inserted into your body has not been explored.

One thing is certain – I will definitely be following the manga.

I couldn't help but laugh at Yunata get ratchet!! Totally unexpected from someone like her!!
I couldn’t help but laugh at Yunata get ratchet!! Totally unexpected from someone like her!!