A few months after making use of QuickTorrent at the flat I stay in, while I am at University, I have noticed my ISP throttle access and download from the website, to ridiculous speeds (downloads don’t exceed 50Kb/sec). I am surprised the University has not blocked access to QuickTorrent (I am sure by now I have transferred over 200GB of data from the service).

The guys over at QuickTorrent announced on their Facebook page, they have created a new web URL where users can use the service (https://qtnow.com). They mention they will be moving all operations to this domain over time.

I am glad this has happened – the throttling has gotten really bad, so bad that I get better download speeds and access, if I access QuickTorrent (http://www.quicktorrent.io) through the VPN service at University. I hope QuickTorrent keeps two or three URL’s open, for when our ISP’s and the University, “gets smarter”.

QuickTorrent's announcement on their Facebook Page
QuickTorrent’s announcement on their Facebook Page

Side Note: I have received an E-Mail from the university warning me of my high data usage… 23.1GB in 7 days… and that I had made the top 20 internet users at the university… feels like a trophy to me 🙂