First we had EXO kill us with a brilliantly done album (EXODUS), then we heard news of Bigbang making a comeback this year, but things would be slightly different – they would release a song or two each month till their full album release, which is scheduled to happen towards the end of this year. Last month, the K-Pop super power spoilt us with Loser and Bae Bae. This month (June 2015), Bigbang does it again with “Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like 2 Party“. I hope a music video is released for “We Like 2 Party”, I love how “chilled” the song is!

Side Note: These songs released 2 days right before my first June 2015 exam paper. I was surprised I was able to kill the paper, and still contain the excitement and joy I got from Bigbang earlier that morning

Update: Bigbang releases “We Like 2 Party” m/v on the 4th June 2015.

Bang Bang Bang!

When I heard the song (was watching the music video) the first time, it sounded weird… mainly because the song has a really cool build up, then the chorus does not “continue” from the build up. After two more listens, I love that chorus and I think the song would be “average” with a chorus we all would have expected (or I would have expected, at least).

The music video does not disappoint – very colorful, visually appealing music video with amazing dance routines… TOP’s rap battle with the Astronaut, G-Dragon and that woman he had as a “pet”, Taeyang doing a dance version of the nae-nae – these are just a few of my favorite parts in the music video. The outfits each member wore were amazing! Love Taeyang’s hair color, and the “mushroom style” hairdo Daesung went for!

We Like 2 Party

I am delighted to hear see Bigbang put together a fun music video for this song. There wasn’t much choreography in this video, like the other the video’s. This music video made us see Bigbang members as people – we got to see their tight friendship bonds through the various activities they do in the video. There is one part in the song I imagined was the “drunk singing” part – turns out I was correct!! This music video kind of reminded me of my “ratchet days” 🙂

Overall Verdict

All VIP’s should be proud, and should be suffering a major case of “Eargasm” by now 🙂 . What amazes me so much about Bigbang is despite all the solo activities each member had (they released their own songs and/or album), they are still able to come together and put out great music to fans around the world! Bigbang and EXO have clearly defined K-Pop in 2015 if you ask me. I cannot wait to hear the newer songs Bigbang is yet to release. I am convinced I will be ordering the album when it releases!! Well done, Bigbang!! Bigbang Hwaiting <3 !!