Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube were set alight, as a teaser video to the next Need For Speed game dropped. The new game is said to feature full customization, authentic urban car culture, and a nocturnal open world, and more. The game is being developed by Ghost Games – the same team that developed Need For Speed: Rivals. The game is set to release late 2015 (I am expecting October / November 2015)

More details will be revealed on the 15th of June 2015 (too sad I will be busy with exams). More information is available on the official Need For Speed Website

My Thoughts on This

The teaser looks and feels amazing – makes me get real excited that the next Need For Speed will be a great one! I am not going to jump the gun so early; I was not happy with the earlier Need For Speed (Need For Speed Rivals) – this was due to frame capping and lagging, no matter what graphic setting you made use of. I hope this game will perform… I should really upgrade to a PC, this notebook game is not working anymore 🙂

Judging from the trailer clip, one can expect the graphics and game play to be amazingly explosive… tight, head-to-head races, with something at stake. I would love to get some local (LAN) multiplayer on this game… I miss the days of epic local multiplayer action!

I would really love EA and the Ghost Games team if they allowed users to take part in beta testing for the game, this way, we can help in shaping the game to our liking, and get a taste of what to expect when the game releases commercially.

A YouTube Comment which I agree with... looks like the NFS we all knew is coming back :)
A YouTube Comment which I agree with… looks like the NFS we all knew is coming back 🙂