Today marks the end of a great, but short vacation break from University. The break started 27th March 2015, and it ends on the 6th April 2015. I have a semester test waiting for me on the 8th April… I am ready for it 🙂 . This holiday gave me all the me-time I needed, to just be in my zone and enjoy myself… It is really shocking that I prefer me-time more than time with people… LMAO 😀

Anime Weekly

One Piece… Dresrossa Action!

I was glad to see One Piece finally got a new opening song, and that it was done by my favourite Japanese Pop group, Generations from Exile Tribe :)
I was glad to see One Piece finally got a new opening song, and that it was done by my favourite Japanese Pop group, Generations from Exile Tribe 🙂

I started my morning with this week’s episode of One Piece… episode 687. One Piece releases weekly episodes on Sundays (in my timezone that is), and I never sit through an entire watching, of One Piece, without laughing or having a little chuckle.

What was different this week was the opening song had changed – what surprised me, and got me really fired-up inside, was the artist (or rather, group) that crafted this song – GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE!! I heard of the group on a K-Pop Facebook Group, had a go at their first album, and I fell in love with the group!! Amazing artists in that group!! Their second Album released and that gave me eargasm on a whole new level! The song is great, and I hope there is a Music Video for the track!

I must say that I am loving the Dresrossa action going down in One Piece (so far), it is a big improvement to the Fishman Island arc (I felt that arc was a bit boring and dragged for too long). I am really curious about how The Straw Hats are going to end this arc… are they going to take down the entire Don Quixote Family? Will they take down a few members? What is going to happen to Dresrossa? Will Doflamingo be defeated? What will happen to Law? There are some sad moments in the arc, but those all add to the awesomness of this arc! I do get the feeling that these episodes are being stretched out a little – that doesn’t come as a surprise to me – I remember the anime was close to the current chapter of the manga.

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Death Parade Comes to an End

This picture got me so deep! Chiyuki's story and actions throughout the anime were amazing!! What a great character she turned out to be.
This picture got me so deep! Chiyuki’s story and actions throughout the anime were amazing!! What a great character she turned out to be.

I started watching Death Parade sometime in March. The first episode was a alright – I had questions about how the episodes are going to connect to each other. The stories told in each episode were great, I enjoyed every story, or rather “case” that needed Judgement.

I loved the concept behind this anime – two people (who passed on), are brought to Decim, where they will be judged – One will be reincarnated, and the other will be sent to the void – a place where the “bad” souls are disposed of. What made the episodes really interesting and worth watching (and even rewinding back to some parts) were the emotions felt (at some points, I would feel really sad, after learning of the pain the person being judged went through, while he/she was alive), and let’s not forget the drama and the interestingly twisted games the people being judged had to play. These were not just any games – these games would show more and more of the people being judged… the more that was revealed, the more drama would unfold 🙂

When Chiyuki (the woman in the above picture) was introduced, she was a little different to the other people… At first, I was a little baffled as to what role is she going to play in the story, and if she even had a story to tell… all of this was revealed in the next episodes (towards the end), and boy can I tell you it was amazing! Her story turned out to be a really sad story, and, it is this sad story that aided in a beautiful ending to the anime. She left her mark on Decim, and she turned out to be a really amazing person! I remember feeling really amazed, and moved by the ending of Death Parade.

I was having my breakfast when watching the last episode… That breakfast went down really well! 🙂

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Anime to Look Forward To

Sidonia no Kishi: Dai-kyū Wakusei Seneki

I am most excited to see Season 2 of Sidonia no Kishi! The second season will be titled “Sidonia no Kishi: Dai-kyū Wakusei Seneki (Knights of Sidonia: War of the Ninth Planet)” . The ending of the first season got me really hyped, and sad that I had to wait a little long for season 2 – that myserious creäture floating… I am curious about what it can do, what role it is going to play. Judging from the title of the second season, the “War” part tells me to expect a lot of insane action!

Events on the second season that have passed:

  • November 23, 2014: Knights of Sidonia Premium Event was held at the Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall, where Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2 were shown. Cast members of the anime, as well as the band who created the opening song were present at the event. (It is times like these I wish I was in Japan, to attend such events).
  • June 29, 2014: The event “Third Knights of Sidonia Fastest Screening in the Cosmos” was held at the Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills. The unaired director’s cut of the finale episode (Episode 12) was screened.
  • February 8, 2015: A preiew to episode 3 was held at the TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi

According to MAL, the anime is set to begin broadcasting from the 11th April 2015… Just a few more days till I get a taste of this!!