Last year, I had learnt of QuickTorrent from a thread on the MyBroadband Forums. Since then, I had been using this service now and them, to get all my torrenting done, without worrying about the ISP’s hectic shaping on torrents, or having to siff through those pesky, ad-infested websites, or worrying about the University’s lethal web filtering system… I know, I shouldn’t be abusing bandwidth like that 🙂

QuickTorrent has since added upgrades to their service – these being a more user-friendly interface, more functionality, and now the site works well with most browsers (I remember having issues with QuickTorrent on Opera). I take the new QuickTorrent for a spin and see how it differs from “back in the days”.

The Technical Details

The site has a 128-Bit SSL TLS Certificate, for encrypted data transmittion, a 1Gbps connection for fast torrent downloads, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and has a 30 day money back garuantee (should you not be happy with the service you have gotten).

Because I am tech-savy, and love the “finer” details, I asked for more information on how the service works:

QuickTorrent has a pool of servers which download torrents. Each server in the pool has a 1Gbps connection, and that connection is shared with all torrents downloading on that server. There are more than 10 servers downloading torrents, and each server has 1.7TB (Terabytes) of storage space – this ensures that storage does not become a limitation to the service speeds. The servers are not hosted in South Africa due to the high cost.  There are 10 other  servers used for QuickTorrent’s infrastructure like databases and the website.

You can keep up to date with QuickTorrent on their Facebook page, or their Twitter handle.

Speed and Performance

I have noticed a major speed increase when it comes to downloading files via the LAN connection at University (a 63% increase). My Wi-Fi connection has also seen a slight increase in the speed (The Wi-Fi would depend on the University’s QoS rules). The time it takes to get the contents (files) in the torrent is great, provided the torrent has a good amount seeders. What I have also noticed with QuickTorrent, is that certain files may be ready for download, the moment you add the torrent file – I assume QuickTorrent has a function that searches for the requested file – if not, then it proceeds with downloading the files. As far as the download speeds go, these still are as great as they were.

Resume Support has been implemented, on most torrent downloads – A green “Download” button indicates the files in the torrent are capable of Resume Support. Those that cannot, are marked with an orange “Download” button. If you choose not to use the download button, and want to download the files individually, all files support Resume Support, regardless of them having an Orange or Green download button.

A couple of downloads I ran using QuickTorrent. I made use of the University’s Wi-Fi and LAN connection, as well as my mobile data connection
Here is another download I made, using the University's Wi-Fi Connection
Here is another download I made, using the University’s Wi-Fi Connection

Another point worth mentioning, is that QuickTorrent archives your torrent files after while (not exactly sure of the time frame, but it should be +-2 days). Should you want to download the files again, you can un-archive the files… just a few minutes of un-archiving and you are ready to download again 🙂

QuickTorrent archives torrents that have been "chilling" for a while :)
QuickTorrent archives torrents that have been “chilling” for a while 🙂

The User Interface

The QuickTorrent user interface has seen a couple of tweaks been added here and there – the main screen users are taken to, where their torrent files are listed, has improved significantly – you are now able to see the ETA for torrents that are downloading. You can expand your torrent file to see detailed progress (a percentage, as well as data that has downloaded). Once the file is finished downloading, users can download with their favorite download manager or use the browser’s download manager.

The service also works nicely for the mobile devices – I accessed QuickTorrent on my Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE) and was able to view the site, and get a couple of downloads going. I made use of the Wi-Fi at University; mobile data is too costly – Would have had a R1000+ bill, thanks to the OOB (Out Of Bundle) shark by certain Mobile Network Operators 🙂

Adding a torrent is still as simple as it was – you can copy the torrent link (or the magnet URL) and paste it in the torrent box, or you can upload a torrent file, and begin downloading 🙂


The QuickTorrent downloads interface... Users can see more details regarding their torrent downloads
The QuickTorrent downloads interface… Users can see more details about their torrent downloads

The User “Control Panel”

One cool feature, which I have waited for some time, is for QuickTorrent to have a user control panel / dashboard, where the user can edit or view various aspects to his/her QuickTorrent account. Users are able to view information about their QuickTorrent subscription, redeem promotion codes, and check their account status. Users are able to setup notifications – the moment your torrents have completed downloading, QuickTorrent can send you an email, notifying you of the good news 🙂

A screenshot of the QuickTorrent User "Control Panel" - This is the Billing Information Interface
A screenshot of the QuickTorrent User “Control Panel” – This is the Billing Information Interface

Pricing and Payment

QuickTorrent’s pricing is great, especially when they are on special :). You can choose to pay for a week, or a month, or for the year (the price will obviously differ per time frame). Their current pricing structure is:

  • 1 Week: $1.49
  • 30 Days: $4.99 (At the time of this post, this was on special for $2.99 a month)
  • 12 Months: $34.99 (At the time of this post, this was on special for $23.99)

Users can choose the once of payment option, or they can choose to have a monthly QuickTorrent subscription. There is no additional cost for having the Subscription, and this can be cancelled at any time (no cancellation fee applies).

An Affiliate Program

QuickTorrent users can be rewarded for spreading the word out there – a referral system is in place, and anyone can join the program and start reaping the benefits 🙂

Users who join the affiliate program are given a referral link, which they can send out to users or post on forums, blogs, social media, etc. After a new user joins, and starts transacting with QuickTorrent, the referer earns 10% of the total revenue the user spends on QuickTorrent (sweet, isn’t it).

Go ahead and signup now for a QuickTorrent account, and start reaping in the benefits 🙂

Overall Impression and Thoughts

I love the improvements and features added to the service. QuickTorrent has managed to add the new features while keeping the amazing minimal, fast and responsive design. The overall speeds and performance is great, and it feels QuickTorrent flies as fast as the internet connection goes. The Affiliate program is great move, this will encourage users to sign-up for the service and get rewarded for spreading the word out there. I like to think of the pricing being “Student-Friendly” – at $2.99 / $4.99 a month for unlimited storage and speed, it is a steal!

I would love to have a QuickTorrent app on my Android device, this way, I can take full advantage of the 32GB storage on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE, and of course, the University’s Wi-Fi Connection (that data counter better get used to being a high figure). Having the ability to manage my torrents on my smart phone would be the best feeling ever.

You can sign-up and start using QuickTorrent by following my referral link here