EXO Blew Up The K-Pop World

EXO!! EXO!! 엑소!! 엑소!! My productivity levels just dropped a couple of notches after downloading and listening to EXO (엑소)’s latest album – EXODUS is Michigo!! My feels were all over the place listening to this album, from feeling the amazingly deep songs, to dancing and smiling to the upbeat songs!! It is clear EXO has worked real hard for this album and all EXO-L’s will be proud!!

The album dropped on the 30th March 2015, and it is available in 20 versions – each version being a solo cover of a member in the group (Chinese and Korean Versions). When a fan completes collecting all 20 versions, the spine of the CD’s will form the EXO Logo (Cool isn’t it?).

The Track List

The album comes with a grand total of 10 tracks (both Korean and Chinese Versions):

  1. CALL ME BABY  (This being the title song)
  3. 시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..)
  8. HURT
  9. 유성우[流星雨] (Lady Luck)

My Experiences Listening to the album

At the first listen, I didn’t feel every single track on the album – I could only see myself rocking to EXODUS, EL DORADO and HURT on the first listen. Then I listened to all the tracks again, and that is when the magic started… From CALL ME BABY down to BEAUTIFUL!! My feelings were all over the place with this album – I was feeling really calm, listening to “시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..)” and MY ANSWER…. then I moved on to feeling REALLY happy, dancing along to CALL ME BABY, HURT, EL DORADO… At some points of the album, I was picturing myself singing along and dancing to the tracks, on some stage. My favorite tracks on this album are CALL ME BABY, TRANSFORMER, 시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..), MY ANSWER, EXODUS, EL DORADO, HURT… Even Last.Fm tells me that I had a little too much EXO this week:

My Last.FM profile... I have played EXO tracks 127 times this week alone :) Mostly from "CALL ME BABY"
My Last.FM profile… I have played EXO tracks 124 times this week alone 🙂 Mostly from “CALL ME BABY”

The Music Video

The group has released a Korean and a Chinese Music Video for their title song CALL ME BABY… I had watched this music video (in Full HD 1080p of course), and the dance moves and the quality of the music video were impressive! I wished I could pull off those tight moves and dance along to that track, like they did 🙂

Final Thoughts

I seriously thought 2015 was going to be a dull year for Korean Pop, and that it would not be as explosive as 2014 was – this was until EXO slayed us with their 2nd Album. One thing I love about the album is the broadness of the tracks – they are not limited to one specific “sound” (it is as spread out as 2NE1’s CRUSH album in my opinion). EXO have worked really hard in producing an album of high quality, and I hope they are proud of the work they have produced!

EXO Order incoming

Through a Facebook group, I have placed my order for EXO’s 2nd Album. The K-Pop struggle is real in South Africa, we don’t have stores that sell K-Pop – if you want such, you will have to place an order online, and then pay shipping costs on top of your order (and this cost isn’t cheap). I ordered with other members in the Facebook Group, and was happy to hear the CD’s have reached the country… Here is a picture of the CD’s 😀

Each member had to pay R330.00 (which is just over $33 USD – this covers the CD as well as shipping costs). This will be the first K-Pop CD I have bought, and will be buying more 🙂

The EXO 2nd Album Shipment - Can't wait for my copy to get mailed to me :)
The EXO 2nd Album Shipment – Can’t wait for my copy to get mailed to me 🙂