Seeing as how I have enjoyed my new residential setup while being at University, I thought I should take a couple of minutes out of my time to write this post out. Last year I was staying in a student residential area, and saw that it was not for me (too much partying, little privacy). I found this really epic bachelor pad setup last year, signed the papers and paid the deposit, and now, I am enjoying my living conditions so much!

I signed the papers, and was ready to move in….I am loving every moment of my new flat – I had gotten a bachelor flat… it has its own bedroom, its own bathroom, its own kitchen and lounge together! One other added bonus to my new place is the amazing view I get – a nature reserve, the university, as well as some animals that may be passing by. The new place is quite secure – electric fencing and a remote controlled gate which you can open and close as you please.

I honestly feel I will be doing a lot of great things this year, just by being in such an amazing place! I feel so motivated, like it is worth working really hard for things! Not that I want to offend any of you readers, but I honestly regard my new place as “The Promised Land”…. the same can be said with my housemates (they stay in the main house) – they are just amazing people!! We watched Game of Thrones, and Suits, together and had so much fun!!

Kitchen / Lounge Area

For starters, I do not share anything! I have my kitchen, which is attached to the lounge area! The kitchen has what I like to describe a “complete stove” – this having all 4 plates, and an oven for baking! I have my Microwave, toaster and kettle (I am using my kettle – I love glass kettles). I get my fridge, which is really sweet…

The Kitchen area, which is attached to the lounge area
The Kitchen area, which is attached to the lounge area

The Bedroom / Amazing View

Another aspect of my bachelor pad which makes me love it so much is that the bedroom area is very spacious and it is separate from my lounge / kitchen area. I enjoy my sleeps so much! On top of the spacious bedroom, I am surrounded by a nature reserve, so I get to enjoy the amazing view of the land, university, and the animals that pass by. Just these few things make me really happy!

If I open my windows, I get to feel the fresh air, which is really great (on hot days, or just chilled days).

The bedroom area. This room is very spacious and the fresh air is amazing!
The bedroom area. This room is very spacious and the fresh air is amazing!

The Internet / Housemates

The internet is great – I did run a speedtest and saw that we are running on a 2Mbps ADSL Line (I heard Rumor that Telkom will be upgrading all 2Mbps lines to 4Mbps free of charge, in 2015…so I look forward to that). Internet runs great – I am loving not seeing some “Content Filter Warning” telling me the site I am trying to use has been blocked!

My housemates (they stay in the main house) are amazing people!! I love every one of them! We been having series nights now and then, and just sitting and chilling together, all happy!


I am loving my new setup… I wake up smiling every morning and I feel so motivated to work extremely hard and not settle for less. I have big plans this year, and I know I will meet all of them!!

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