This week of being an interwebs resident, and a proud follower of most things asian (Korean Pop / Anime) has been such an amazing week! We saw Amber (of f(x)) release her first solo album and spoil us with two amazing music video’s (Beautiful Lyric and Shake That Brass). K-Pop did not end there, 4Minute went gangster with their “Crazy” music video…those dance moves were amazing!!

EDIT: As I was getting dressed up for classes, I found 4Minute’s Crazy mini album, so I been listening to it while I write this post. 

Amber Shaking that Brass!

I must say I was taken by surprise when I heard Amber’s solo album… I was expecting the album to be all rap songs, and a bit of singing, at most. When I downloaded and listened to the album, I was left in smiles! The album has a great combination of singing and rapping. I can hear Amber worked real hard with this album! I heard Beautiful Lyric, which I find to be such a deep, meaningful song! If I was the over-emotional type (not that I am saying there is anything wrong with such), I would shed a tear or two. The same can be said about the music video – seeing how Amber has progressed was really heart-warming!

A few days later from the release of the Beautiful Lyric music video, the title song, “Shake That Brass” dropped! I watched the music video and all I can say is, “Wow!! A Job Well Done, Amber!”. I could see Amber was having so much fun in the music video – so much energy and job vibes in the video! Amber is just amazing!! I love her personality, and her style!! I wish I could be a “rent-a-crowd” for one of these K-Pop music video’s!

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4Minute Goes Crazy

4Minute took me by surprise when they dropped their “Crazy” music video!! The music video was great – never knew 4Minute could pull off the gangster-badass style perfectly! I loved seeing them go super “Hip-Hop”, and that dance routine they do at the chorus of the song is just… WOW!! The song is great, I love the tight rapping bits, made me feel like I’m a badass, listening to such a song!!

I been listening to the mini album that accompanied the song, I must say this album is really strong on the badass, Hip Hop side of things…. I am loving the third track for some odd reason 🙂

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Usopp Gets The Fame He Deserves

I am loving the current arc One Piece is in so far! Dressrossa (Doflamingo’s Country) is in chaos at the moment, and it all was thanks to an “unexpected” action done by Usopp. I didn’t think Doflamingo would care that much, seeing Usopp isn’t really a “big-time” threat…clearly I was wrong!

Doflamingo put the highest bounty on Usopp…seeing that scene was hilarious! What made it more hilarious was Usopp getting stressed everyone is out for his head!!

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