Seeing as the holiday will be coming to a close, about a few weeks from now, I decided to take the time (while I still have it), and write a short post on what I have got up to, up until now. Notice this post will probably be stretching across all boards when it comes to the topics, so do not be so surprised. I will try to keep things as neat as possible.

The Internet Side of Things

As far as the internet goes, I have only been more or less away from internet for about a week (this was when I was on holiday… to keep details short, I was in Oudtshoorn, in the Western Cape, South Africa… a lovely time I had over there. You can read more about that here. ). After that week however, it was back to business – this was getting up to date with news, anime, grabbing some popcorn as the paw-paw hits the fan on some forums, and much more!

Anime and Television

As far as the anime side of things goes, I must say I have been graced with the awesomeness of Tokyo Ghoul Root A (this is season 2 for Tokyo Ghoul). I had no idea season 2 would drop so early (I was hoping it would drop around March 2015). The first episode was amazing, it was great seeing the new Kaneki – who seems to have toughened up by 200%, and has some mission going on. I remember being sad that season 1 ended with things hanging halfway, now with this episode, things continued moving and ended with so many mysteries (who are the new guys, what is this new group all about, why Kaneki made such a decision, etc). I am so keen for the next episodes to come! I heard season 2 will not follow the manga precisely, but I guess we will have to wait and see 🙂

It was really awesome seeing the new Kaneki, all toughened up and kicking ass! Keen to see what else he has for us!
It was really awesome seeing the new Kaneki, all toughened up and kicking ass! Keen to see what else he has for us!

Other anime I had picked up during the holiday time were Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte: The Maxim). I am enjoying both anime – The Seven Deadly Sins having interesting and weird characters as well as interesting story (okay, the story may not be so interesting, but it is enjoyable). The fight scenes I have seen so far have been great, and I would love see the story get deeper. I love Parasyte: The Maxim so much because it is violent (“people” eating or slicing up people in the most bloodiest ways possible), the interesting love story that is developing on the side (well, it just got a little sad after the most recent episode), the interesting politics situation forming on the side, as well as Shimchi’s weird case and abilities. I watched the most recent episode (that being episode 13 at the time of this post), and I loved seeing Migi go bat-ratchet!! Now I am keen to see what will follow from this point forward.

Other anime which I had started around the time exams were coming to a wrap, at University, were Terra Formars, and Psycho-Pass 2. I enjoyed Psycho-Pass 2, I felt the season did not disappoint overall, a lot of action and sad moments, as well as a really interesting story which was kept interesting each episode. One thing I was sad about was that all that goodness was only eleven episodes long.

I must say that Terra Formars started off interesting (besides the censoring, which has since been removed), then it got a little slow (little bits of action, and a background story, and realization of how the story connects to the current situation), and now, it has gotten really good – with the action happening, the sad moments of characters meeting the end of the road, and a recent, shocking “discovery” (this happened in episode 12). What made me laugh was even though this was one tight situation, there was still time for a little humor (Baseball on Mars).

As far as television goes, I had caught up The Walking Dead, I am glad they are finally out of that prison cell! Things were getting boring when they were cooped up in there! I am going to miss The Governor and his dodgy ways – he made things “spicy” for the series. I am on the last 3 episodes of Season 4, so I cannot say much until I see the end.

I started watching House of Cards and I am loving it so far – what I love about House of Cards is the amount of political battles that have happened so far, Frank’s amazing jokes, vocab, and his schemes… and it seems like him and his wife are one force not to reckon with should they be threatened! Hmm I am also loving Zoe, the journalist Frank has fed as the episodes go by. What I have noticed about each episode is the paw-paw always hits the fan, and it seems to get bigger and bigger each episode – and it all started from Frank not getting what he wanted! Waking up late each morning is definitely worth the late-night watching of House of Cards 🙂

News – Well in the K-Pop World

One story which has made waves in the K-Pop World, is some artist who claims YG Entertainment stole his song for Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose Lips. You can read about all the details here.

I find it hard to believe YG Entertainment would steal from others. I believe this guy (Derrick Bullock), is just seeking attention so that his music can sell. Judging from how he only surfaces now and not at other times, I strongly believe this guy just wants attention. I hope the law will take its course here.

Here is a video which pretty much sums everything up:

Feeding My Geeky Side

One thing I had told myself, will happen during this long holiday, and parts of it will still be happening while I am in University (going to have to manage the time more effectively), is feeding my geeky side in so many ways – this being picking up a few programming skills, playing a few games online and offline, and just keeping up to date with some forums 🙂 I must say, I am happy with the amount of “food” I have given my geeky side. This, however, came at the cost of a regular, slight overdose in coffee (I typically have 4 – 5 cups a day of coffee… I love coffee!).

Picking up a Few Programming Skills

I decided this is the time I will use to start learning and growing my programming skills – I would love to start building and implementing a few, if not a lot, of cool software, and web applications – there is one application I am planning to build, which will run on PHP, JavaScript, Java (or C#), MySQL, and Android (or Windows Phone), but I will need a few extra hands from some skilled people in my classes.

As far as PHP goes, I learnt this quite nicely, it wasn’t too difficult to understand, besides the Interfaces, Inheritance, and the Model View Controller design pattern (I am learning how to carry out this). I been loving MySQL and MySQL Workbench – especially MySQL Workbench which makes database design a lot fun and easier – Reverse and Forward Engineering are my favorite things to do! Keen to know more on how MySQL Workbench rolls. As for SQL, the statements I been practicing have not been too complicated – I guess the tricky part was using placeholders and then binding their values with the PHP Data Object (PDO)…. PHP PDO…. my one love 🙂

I decided I will let the University teach me C# (this is in the syllabus from 1st Year to final year), I have a C# ebook, as well as video tutorials, to read through, should my lecturers not make sense on certain topics (Although I do not see myself struggling really badly, seeing as I am going through Java now – definitely not one easy language). I got excited when I read I can use MySQL with C# and Java through downloading the driver software (Connector/J and Connecter/NET) – this will make things a lot interesting!!

I have read about Java through an eBook, practicing it a little using IntelliJ IDEA (and sometimes using Eclipse). The syntax isn’t so hard to follow, seeing as I already have some experience with C#, but at a first year level (Console.WriteLine() was my best friend then). Java is definitely an interesting language to know, the way it operates is a little tricky but not too hard to catch on, after reading a couple of times, trying to make sense of things, and practising it a little. I am hoping to finish going through all the content in the eBook in a few weeks, then watch YouTube tutorials and practise hard! Also learn of other cool things you can do with Java, through the help of the interwebs! Interfaces, and Inheritance are slowly starting to sink in… just a bit more practice and I will be A-okay!!

I plan on learning JavaScript after I am done with Java, so I can combine PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Java, and start building this cool idea I had in my head – of course, I will need to do a lot of research to see what would be the best way of going about my idea. I hope I can find some extra hands to aid me on this one.

I am so glad to have watched video’s through PHPAcademy, McProgramming, and many other channels on YouTube… These guys give me hope I will be an awesome programmer after some time of hard work!

Starting with the basics of Java... this is small, but I am keen to end big!!
Starting with the basics of Java… this is small, but I am keen to end big!!

The Online / Offline Gaming

As far as online gaming has gone – I have got plenty of this. From being owned so hard (this is mainly because I am a “Professional Noob”) at Battlefield 3 – Managing anything between 3 – 13 kills in a session, to owning the streets, or rather, maps, of Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 and Need For Speed: The Run (The number of cheaters really is something else). Besides the online activities, I got to finish Mass Effect 3, which had an amazing ending – I chose the ending where Shepperd becomes a “God”, I felt this was the best choice to make given my other choices. I enjoyed playing Mass Effect 3, and I just wish games were as fun as this, instead of focusing on the “New Gen” noise. So far, I feel this “New Gen” noise means over-hyping of games, badly optimized games for PC, and crappy game play 🙁

I am hoping to finish Dishonoured and Sleeping Dogs – I loved the introductions to both games and they run quite nicely on my ancient graphics card – I have the Nvidia GeForce GT 525M. I picked up Far Cry 3, which isn’t working at the moment because Ubisoft gives me this annoying “unrecoverable error”.

Overall, I can say that I have had a lot of fun with my holiday…. learning new things, catching up with those games I been wanting to finish, getting an awesome dish of anime and TV series, and of course, touring the outdoors a little. I hope I can finish and carry out all I want to carry out, but this will only come through hard work 🙂