The 28th December 2014 marked the start of what could be an exciting, action packed trip. The plan was to get to Cape Town, enjoy all that is in Cape Town, and return home, wait for University to open, and it will be back to business. Normally, me and family would go straight for Cape Town, but this time around, we decided to “spice things up a bit”.

The "official" start of what could be an interesting trip :) - (N2) Eastern Cape
The “official” start of what could be an interesting trip 🙂 – (N2) Eastern Cape

Normally, the plan would be to get to Cape Town, this time however, we had decided to make a little detour – go and have a look at Oudstoorn. The town is located in the Western Cape and is surrounded by amazing scenes – these being amazing mountains, breath-taking farms and cattle, Ostriches and great weather. The town is about 421KM away from Cape Town (~6 Hour drive). I am looking forward to the activities I may get up to whilst in Oudstoorn. I got a little taste of what to expect – I saw beautiful Ostriches along the way – I think they were scared of me, as they saw me wanting to take a picture of them 🙂

I had gotten a list of things I could do, and I must say the line up looks pretty promising – Cango Caves, Horse Riding, Ostrich Viewing and Riding, and many more. For day one however, it will just be super, get a quick shower, and go to bed.

Just a taste of what I should expect while in Oudstoorn... I guess they were scared of me
Just a taste of what I should expect while in Oudstoorn… I guess they were scared of me

De Zeekoe Guest Farm


This is the place we have decided to enjoy our stay at. Again, amazing scenaries around the area. We are staying in the cabins, located just about 1KM away from the main area. These cabins are amazing, so simple, yet amazing. The cabin I was in had two bedrooms (I get my bedroom, yiphee!), a nice bathroom, a kitchen area with a microwave, stove, sink and some dishes, and an amazing balcony (Couldn’t get enough of the balcony).

One thing that isn’t in these cabins is Television and DSTV/Normal TV – not that I am complaining of this, I like there isn’t TV… just peace and quiet… away from technology. Now, I just wish there was no network coverage in the area so my WhatsApp can calm down a little 🙂

I enjoyed my stay at De Zeekoe Guest Farm – I believe the experience was a lot better than that of a typical hotel. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and If I were to return to Oudsoorn (which I hopefully will to explore more parts of the region), I will be sure to stay at De Zeekoe Guest Farm.

To derail a bit, I was greeted by a really scary spider… I am not sure what kind of spider this was, but I knew not to even try my chances with it – It was nice seeing such a big spider but at the same time scary 😀


Look at this scary guy... definitely will not mess with this one
Look at this scary guy… definitely will not mess with this one

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As far as activities go, I can say that I definitely had fun. I had to cut my fun time short as I was moving down to Cape Town (this is 421KM from Oudshoorn…. a beautiful drive I must say). I woke up to an amazing breakfast, then moved on to horse riding and then the Cango Caves. The horse riding was exhilarating – it was my first time riding a horse and I enjoyed every bit of it. Whilst riding the horse, the instructor would tell us (I was going with my brother) cool things, like how many farm workers they have, what the farm grows, what grows on sides of the road (Red Peppers growing), and more. Along the route, I was enjoying the scenaries, and the heat 🙂

After the horse riding, it was time to head for Cango Caves – this is located about 20KM away from Outshoorn. About 3KM from the farm, the Ostriches came out in “full power” and did not run away, as tourists help themselves to taking photographs of them – I joined in on this, and it looked like the Ostriches were enjoying the attention 🙂 It was an amazing site.

The same can be said with Cango Caves – The inside of the caves were amazing…. a tour guide will run the tour inside the cave and gives very detailed information with regards to the cave. As far as temperatures goes, the cave is quite humid, but is not as cold as the cave in Mpumalanga (around Nelspruit) I visited about two years ago. The tour is about an hour (this is for the people who are on the easy tour). I definitely want to return and explore the cave… go through all the tiny passage ways, experienced increased humidity and slippery pathways – this is what makes adventures fun if you ask me.

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Down to Cape Town

After having an amazing time in Oudsthoorn, it was time to take the 421KM drive to Cape Town, which I must say was an amazing drive, I loved watching the amazing sceneries, passing the small, yet beautiful towns within the Karoo. What I found really interesting was that there was so much farming happening, which I liked – it meant the people and organizations running the area’s are not letting an opportunity pass by.

It isn’t my first time going to Cape Town – Normally, I would follow the N2 all the way to Cape Town, which eventually, becomes a boring route in the last 300km. This route however, was amazing!! There was so much to see, I wish I had taken this route all this time 🙂

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One thing which I found amazing, was the N1 having a tunnel. I didn’t know the N1 had such an amazing tunnel!

The N1 tunnel, it was amazing driving inside it.
The N1 tunnel, it was amazing driving inside it.

We finally arrive in Cape Town, the first day, well, we were just too tired from withstanding a 412KM drive so we didn’t do anything other than checking into a Inn (or is it a B & B). We slept at Bay Beach Inn, in Sunset Beach in Milnerton (Cape Town). The place was nicely designed, and it was quite nice inside. We had another booking at Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard, so we couldn’t stay too long there. I loved Sunset Beach, it was amazing, I am pretty sure those amazing houses there aren’t so amazing when it comes to their pricing 🙂

The next day, we decided to visit Waterfront, the area was packed, traffic was getting a little too ratchet for my liking – too much traffic, drivers getting impatient, too many people… the list goes on and on. That didn’t dampen my mood, I went around waterfront, had a look around the shops that were there… We then had lunch at Kalibu’s – It is an extremely classy South African restaurant. I enjoyed the food there, just the price tags, well, that’s another story 🙂

Towards the harbour area of Waterfront, there are various boats which offer short trips just around the Watefront. I got on this really awesome ship – the mood was amazing, the vibes on the boat were amazing, it felt like a real pirate ship. I enjoyed every second of it, and got a few good selfie’s done 😀 The boat ride took an hour, and you were able to take amazing pictures and enjoy the music on the boat (If I remember correctly, they were playing UK House).

We tried going to the Table Mountain on that same day, but it was closed due to the strong winds (this was on the 30th  and 31st December 2014).

This boat ride just around Waterfront was amazing!! Amazing vibe and mood in the boat.... Love the design of this ship!
This boat ride just around Waterfront was amazing!! Amazing vibe and mood in the boat…. Love the design of this ship!

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Eventually it was time to go to the table mountain – they had opened up the Mountain on the 1st January 2015 – cloud cover was not so bad, and the wind was not as strong as earlier days. We arrived at about 10am, and the line was insanely long! The weird, and probably the most amazing part of this, was despite the extremely long lines, the wait was not so long…. I was in the line for a little over 30 minutes, which is great.

Once at the top, all we did was walk around, explore the mountain, enjoy the really rich and amazing landscapes, and of course, have a little “photo shoot” at the mountain. I even got the chance to meet this amazing family of Dassie’s, living together like a cute happy family:

A family of Dassie's chilling in the sun :)
A family of Dassie’s chilling in the sun 🙂


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Overall I enjoyed the little trip I made with my family in the Western Cape. What made me enjoy this trip so much was the exploring I did (I know it wasn’t much, but I plan on doing more when I return). I enjoyed travelling through the Karoo and seeing all the farming happening on the sides of the roads, together with the amazing mountain landscapes. Oudshtoorn was amazing, I initially thought this would be a small town, but it turns out this town is big, clean and buzzing with tourists! I enjoyed my stay at De Zeekoe Guest Farm, the staff there were really friendly and helpful – should I return and explore more of Oudshtoorn, I will definitely return to De Zeekoe Guest Farm. I loved staying in the cabins located just 1KM away from the main Guest farm… The experience of living away from the city was amazing! There is just so much to do in the Karoo, I think I will need 1 week at least, just to fully explore everything.

Cape Town was great, it was nice seeing The Mother City, and enjoying the things to do there – this isn’t my first time going to Cape Town, so it wasn’t a huge “WOW” as I got with Oudshtoorn. The Table Mountain was amazing, the boat ride was amazing, just everything Cape Town is amazing.

I had a lot of fun in the Western Cape, and I hope I can return – hopefully with a friend or perhaps my life partner, so we can go on wild adventures throughout the Western Cape.