Today marks the end of such a wild, amazing and artistically beautiful anime, Akame Ga Kill! I am pleased with the overall action, bloody and violent scenes and the epic, crazy characters in this anime! The Akame Ga Kill finale (episode 24) was brilliantly done, loved the action in this episode and it is a fight I will definitely be watching over and over. I really wish there was going to be a season 2 to Akame Ga Kill, but it looks like things wrapped up nicely.

General Esdeath vs. Akame of Night Raid!! This was one hectic battle!!
General Esdeath vs. Akame of Night Raid!! This was one hectic battle!!

Storyline and Characters

As far as the story line goes for this anime, I felt it wasn’t a “wow” story line – it was one of those typical “The government is corrupt and we have to force a change in governance” situation. What really added that extra oomph to the story were the crazy and dynamic characters on both sides of the field (Night Raid members and the Government / Jaegars). As far as craziness goes, I loved how insane Seryu and Coro were together…. she’s a sweet, innocent girl when she has no business to take care of – when she gets business to deal with, she becomes super crazy, like she just had a mix of drugs pumped into her. Seryu was not the only crazy one – the same can be said about Sheele (of Night Raid)… off duty, she is clumsy yet sweet…on duty however, let us just say, you do not want to mess with her! Apart from the crazy characters, we also had a mix of just pure bad-ass characters – this being Akame and Esdeath!! Both are extremely powerful and beautiful, and they background stories are just about messed up!

As far as the art and visuals go, this anime did not disappoint in this department. I felt the animation could have been done a little better, but it was alright, overall. The artwork done, the character designs here were on point! As far as the violent scenes go, these were really nice to see…I would get excited seeing someone get their ass handed to them in a bloody, violent manner! I am glad no censoring was added to this anime, I was quite pissed with the censoring on Terra Formars – they stopped censoring after the third episode.

Character Deaths

This is one thing I felt needs to be put on its own!! One thing that made me love Akame Ga Kill were the weekly character deaths. The best par of the deaths were you could not predict who would die next (unless you have read the manga or you have some really good super powers). Some deaths were really sad, some I was like “Thank goodness that character died!”. I soon learnt to follow the same procedure I follow when watching Game of Thrones… don’t get attached to any characters in the story, they may become the next one to kick the bucket!

I occasionally go and browse what other anime viewers say about Akame Ga Kill, this one tweet says it all –  as far as deaths are concerned in this anime:

Opening / Ending Songs

The opening and ending songs for Akame Ga Kill were nicely done!! They were all catchy and gave off that vibe that this anime is all about getting that assassination done! The first opening song had that blood feeling in it, that people are going to die. The first ending song became really relevant when someone had died in the anime. I must say, I love all the Akame Ga Kill tracks, have them all on my laptop and I find myself listening to them along with other Japanese songs I have.

Final Verdict

I honestly cannot complain much about this anime, I wish it was a little longer, and that it did not deviate from the manga (I have read from many forums the anime deviates from the manga). I love this anime, and I think anyone who loves violent scenes, action left, right and center should watch this anime. I will definitely be rewatching this anime in the vast amount of spare time I have these holidays.

Going to miss Akame Ga Kill anime, suppose now would be a good time to read the manga.

Awesome Fight Scene!! Esdeath vs. Akame

Akame Ga Kill (In Pictures)

Here are some pictures I took from the many episodes of Akame Ga Kill: