I have read around various forums and sites to stay away from GoDaddy – two reasons that stood out was that they had supported the SOPA and PIPA (These were movements against internet freedom, from what I can derive), and the second reason was their products are really crap. I didn’t want to believe the second part – I had previously used GoDaddy and their Web Hosting then was great. I decided to run my blog (this blog) on GoDaddy based on my good experiences with them in the past, now I am regretting the day I signed up for their Web Hosting. Honestly, FREE web hosting is better than GoDaddy’s Shared web hosting! 2014 is the last time I buy anything from GoDaddy!

 Shared Hosting Performance

When I had signed up for GoDaddy Web Hosting, I was impressed with the advanced, yet easy to follow cPanel. GoDaddy’s cPanel really is great – but that is the only good thing I can say about it. I noticed that I had 1GB of RAM for my site, 1 CPU for my site, which I thought was relatively fine for a small blog. A few months down the line, I now see that GoDaddy reduced the RAM to 512MB and that I was on “Resource Level 1”. So if I want better performance, I need to pay more. Absolutely ridiculous!! Another thing which I found extremely ridiculous was the I/O for the site – GoDaddy had limited this to 1MB/sec – this means my website can support a maximum transfer speed of 1 Megabyte per second, incoming and outgoing. So, if 1 person downloads a large file from my site, all capacity is used!

Other things that I have run into trouble with was trying to get the php configuration file (php.ini) for my website as I needed to make a few changes (mainly to enable some built-in libraries).

Overall performance of my blog on GoDaddy’s shared web hosting was extremely slow….average response times of 700ms, this is after I had applied the WP-Cache Plugin for WordPress to speed things up a little.

As far as Customer Support goes, I have had good experience, I have nothing to complain about there. My E-Mails to support were answered in a reasonable amount of time (a couple of hours), my phone calls to GoDaddy support being answered ASAP (didn’t have to wait on the line), and service desk consultants being quite friendly and helpful. Some of the information on their Knowledge Base I found to be quite outdated, but I managed to figure things out here.

Overall Verdict

I will defintely be moving away from GoDaddy as soon as possible – my main reason for moving away is the crappy web hosting they offer – the web hosting performs no different to your free web hosting plans out there. Customer Support and the user interface for GoDaddy I found were great. I am aware of the bad press GoDaddy has accumulated…bad press will not make me hate something, given it is providing the best product – clearly this isn’t the case with GoDaddy shared web hosting.