I am not one to pay much attention to what politicians in the country talk about, or what they want people to believe, or whatever they are trying to plan. I am a believer of the phrase “Politics is a dirty game” – to me it is all about convincing people who you will get x, y, and z done….worry about how to do x, y, and z when they get their power – that is if they still care.

I cannot believe how much of a circus show Parliament has turned into, I thought this was the place where old, wise, grown politicians would engage in meaningful debates, work together to drive a country forward. Instead, Parliament has turned into this massive, formal playground where old children come together, make a mess together, scream and shout to each other, and have one or two silly comments. With such behavior happening in Parliament, it makes me worry for the country’s future – the people who supposed to drive the country forward are busy playing in Parliament. The opposition parties clearly have joined in on this game too.

As serious as this may sound (Parliament turning into a circus show), I have found my new source of entertainment from this – yes, the situation is so bad, that it is entertaining now. Ministers, together with other MP’s, come up with entertaining speeches… a mix of serious stuff (the matter to be addressed), and a little insult here and there. While some of these insults may be hilarious, some can be real shocking – in the sense that it is 2014 and some people still think like the past. Here are few of my favorite Parliament video’s:

Gupta Debate: Opposition parties are afraid of the truth — Pandor

ANC MP Bertha Mabe attacks Julius Malema and Mmusi Maimane

Lindiwe Sisulu gives DA a tongue-lashing

Malema And EFF Takes On Zuma In Parliament. Pay Back The Money. HD

Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula “Insults” Opposition Parties In Parliament.

After searching around the internet, it seems our parliament is not the worst, or rather, it has not reached that stage yet – I ran into an article showing cases where Parliaments around the world, have gotten violent, people getting injured, blood being shed. I would not be surprised if our Parliament reaches that stage.



As entertaining as I find these Parliament video’s, it makes me worry about the future of this country (South Africa). If the people who are supposed to be driving the country forward (the party in power, as well as the opposition parties) are in arguments like this, what is going to happen to this country?

Sad how Parliament has become the new “Formal Playground” for politicians 🙁