This post deals with episode 21 of Akame Ga Kill – it will contain spoilers. If you have not seen the episode or hate spoilers, do not read any further!! 

Mime....I am sure going to miss this chick!
Mime….I am sure going to miss this chick!

Oh my word!! What did I just watch?? Akame Ga Kill episode 21 was one of the most saddest episodes I have seen!! The action and drama that went down in this episode was great! I am bleak Mime is the latest character to kick the bucket…I was not expecting Mime, of all characters to die – She dealt with Seryu (that crazy psychotic woman with the crazy dog), and survived!! I think most people will agree with the statement: Akame Ga Kill is the anime version of Game of Thrones – Do not get attached to any character, they may die when you least expect it!!

The plan was to rescue Tatsumi, who had been captured and was to be executed in public. I thought, seeing as Night Raid has Susanoo, who is pretty strong once he has gotten “juice” from Najenda, things would work well for Night Raid…clearly this didn’t happen. The rescue succeeded, but it wasn’t quite right – we lost Mime in the process!!

Mime had one of the coolest guns in anime (let us not forget the Dominators in Psycho-Pass), awesome accent, awesome pink hair, and awesome sniping skills!! I am definitely going to miss Mime, her story was interesting! I hope Tatsumi will avenge Mime! I saw Episode 22’s preview and it looks like ish will get super real!!

I thought I should post some pictures of Mime…..I am definitely going to Mime. Her last performance was amazing!!

Rest in peace, Mime 🙁