Initially, my thoughts were tending to this week of anime being a little slow and chilled. Last week was an average week for me, most anime’s not getting into serious mode. The only anime that made my headlines for that week was Terra Formars (episode 2). The same happened this week, but towards the end, man, I was in for such a surprise! Psycho-Pass Season 2 episode 1 and Parasyte The Maxim episode 1 really blew me away!

Psycho-Pass (Season 2 Episode 1)

I was not sure when to expect the return of Psycho-Pass, but I was aware a season 2 was in the works and should be hitting the interwebs and TV pretty soon. To my surprise, I find episode 1 of Psycho-Pass 2 released, so I had to put all my work aside just to watch this episode! It was one of those “must-watch no matter what” cases.

Episode 1 of Psycho-Pass 2 was really enjoyable, done really well, pacing done just right. What I really loved about this episode was obviously seeing the faces of some of the old characters who were just legends in the previous season. One thing that was really impressing, in the first season was Akane’s character development – she started off from being this new, innocent rookie, to being a professional detective. In season 2, it feels like she has grown even more – this you see with the actions she takes in the episode, as well as her high levels of intelligence being showcased. We also get to see some new faces, one in particular, may cause a bit of rivalry with Akane. Another thing that made me love Psycho-Pass so much was the mysteries that were all over the season – this again is prevalent with the ending of the episode…It seems there is a new, more powerful threat in town.

I was not let down by episode 1 of Psycho-Pass 2. I am looking forward to the future releases of the next episodes…I look forward to the drama, mystery, intelligence and action, this anime has delivered, in the past season.

Here is a short clip on my favorite scene in this episode:

Parasyte The Maxim (Episode 1)

This anime looks like it will be a really good one. I watched the first episode of this anime last night, and I must say it really creeped me out, which is really good! I love creepy and messed up anime’s (Last anime that I found really scary and creepy was Corpse Party: Tortured Souls). The anime starts off a little weird, with things not explained and then the next thing you know, someone’s head gets bitten off (literally). As weird as things may be in this episode, there is that slight hint that it may be for the good (given it is an error – the car crash scene), and we see a bit of rivalry.

It is too early to say much about this anime, but I must say it will be a good one. Not much has been explained yet, so I am hoping in the next few episodes, we get an explanation of things, as well as a little bit of some drama (as in when the paw-paw hits the fan kind of drama).