This post contains spoilers to Akame Ga Kill episode 15. If you have not seen the episode and hate spoilers, do not read any further!

This is the moment we have all been waiting for!! The biggest and most exciting showdown in Akame Ga Kill!! The stage has been set, the coffins have been prepared, and it is time for heads to roll! Episode 15 of Akame Ga Kill was a great “build-up” episode, it started things off really well, and that cliff hanger ending has got me scratching my head, itching for the next episode!! Night Raid vs Jaegars and Esdeath!! Who Will Win??

New Opening and Ending Song

So after 15 episodes, the team behind the Akame Ga Kill anime decide to change the opening and ending songs. Both of them are great, it will just take me a while to love…I really loved the first opening and ending songs…maybe that was because of all the drama that went down in the early stages of Akame Ga Kill


Seryu and Coro…Perfect Psycho’s!

One thing I found quite disturbing (but in a really good way) was Seryu and Coro…damn, that girl is psycho as hell!! The way she dealt with such a small incident really was not required – but she goes and does it anyway. I guess this should not be a shock seeing as how she took down our beloved Sheele :(. Ah but I love Seryu…she is so crazy it is beautiful! Seryu and Coro are so perfect together, I hope we get to see them go insane in the next episode of Akame Ga Kill!!

The Final Showdown Incoming!

That end was so amazing! We got to see Akame’s sister and her amazing reflexive skills and rather “demonic” power! I am really worried about this one – I really like seeing Akame and I think she is really cool, but after seeing the power her sister has, together with seeing Najenda worry a little, this looks like it won’t be an easy one for Night Raid – even more reason to believe the next episode will be action, left, right and center!

I wonder how Esdeath’s going to be thrown into the equation? There is no way she can’t get a slice of the action!

I am looking forward to episode 16 of Akame Ga Kill, there is just so many things I want to see – who is going to die, who is going to conquer, will Najenda face off Esdeath? Will Esdeath reunite with Tatsumi? I am hoping the next episode will be focused on the action, I do appreciate a bit of talk here and there, but if it’s too much, it gets annoying.

Keen for episode 16!!