I felt like writing something thins morning – to get the creative juices going, somehow, then I was baffled, as to what to write about? I spent an odd 20 minutes just sitting and doing nothing as I think of something to write about. Then it hit me, why don’t I just write a post that has many “mini” posts in it, like a random post. So here I am, about to write up this random post.

A Little Bit of Ratchet Here and There

So many things annoy me with living in a proper Student Accommodation. If it is not the people inside the residential area, it is the ratchet parties that happen – especially those times when I am trying to get some work done. Most people are annoying inside, always needing something, instead of going and getting it for themselves. One thing that I find myself enjoying, recently, are the stories (residential politics I like to call it) of things that happen inside – and trust me, some of these are some super ratchet stories.

One morning, I woke up, made my morning coffee. As I open my door, to enjoy the sunlight, I am greeted by an alcohol bottle, lying on my lawn (okay, we do not have much of lawns, but I like to think I have a lawn). The previous night there was a “hectic” party going down, people screaming and jumping here and there, to the sounds of their mainstream music (I find mainstream music quite horrible).

Another thing that really annoys me about living in a proper student accommodation is the high levels of alcohol and drug abuse – I prefer staying as far as possible to such. When there has been a real hectic party the night before, the next morning you wake up to gardens of alcohol bottles, here and there. I am glad I will be moving out of here at the end of this year, into something much more private.

As far as outside residence goes, nothing much to be reported, besides the random strands of braiding I will find lying on the ground inside and outside campus. I kind of have a little chuckle when I notice these, and I imagine it must be too awkward to go back and pick up that fallen strand of braiding.

That one random strand of braiding I see almost everyday, if not every other day.
That one random strand of braiding I see almost everyday, if not every other day.


The last few weeks of my anime have been rather bumpy – Zankyou no Terror completed in just 11 episodes (a great anime it turned out to be), Akame Ga Kill with all the action and the little romance story happening on the side, One Piece and the huge mess Luffy and his crew are in at the moment…the list just goes on. I recently started watching Terra Formars, which has now convinced me to continue watching!! Episode 2 of Terra Formars was so great, just one thing that made me bleak was the censoring….I love my anime voilent and without censoring. I guess it makes sense to censor the really violent scenes because not every viewer may like seeing every graphic detail. I hope an uncensored version is released, I really want to see everything!!

I really  wish this kill scene was not censored
I really wish this kill scene was not censored

Naruto Manga Coming to an End

When I heard the news that the Naruto manga is coming to an end, I was shocked! I knew the manga would eventually end, in fact I may have heard hints (thanks to the interwebs) the manga may be ending, but clearly that was happening way sooner than I expected. According to various sources, the manga has got 5 chapters left…I am expecting the next chapters to be fast paced, and there will be less talking and a lot more action. The manga has been running for 15 years. I enjoyed reading Naruto manga every week, I am sure going to miss the manga when its complete…I may as well start collecting 😀

I am sorted as far as manga goes, I read Fairy Tail and One Piece – the masses only read Naruto, will this will be the end of the world for them? 😀

I am gonna miss seeing Naruto manga, the cool covers and art, and the random discussions
I am gonna miss seeing Naruto manga, the cool covers and art, and the random discussions

Korean Pop Tragic News…Really Depressing

The Korean Pop industry has been booming this year – we have seen the debut of really fascinating groups (my favorite here is Akdong Musician – their music is that of the highest quality – such clean, natural music. MANY artists (I am looking at many of the American artists) can learn from this duo). We have seen the return (comeback) of many legendary groups – these being f(x), 2NE1, Super Junior, INFINITE, and many others.

The downside to all this, were the bad news that came from the industry. First we had the Park Bom incident, then we had Kemy (of A.KOR) take a bite off this incident. I thought it would end there, but clearly I was wrong. We then had news of the tragic accident that killed members of Ladies Code….and then a couple of weeks later, we heard of the drama happening with Girls Generation. We then heard news of Seungri’s accident, and now, we hear news of the CEO at SM Entertainment – his wife had passed away. Just thinking of all the bad press that came from K-Pop this year really depresses me.

One thing I am certain about is that the quality of music in K-Pop is on the rise, we got new groups delivering high quality songs, we got old groups still producing amazing tracks, and just that feeling of being special, loved and friendly is still there 😀

Here are some links to the stories I have mentioned above:







On the Programming side of things

On the programming side of things, it has gotten a little complicated. At university, we are being taught C#, which at times is a beautiful language, and at others, it becomes a nightmare :D. Bescides C#, I had decided to start learning PHP and MySQL which has been going quite well so far – but I seem to be stuck with the PHP Data Objects topic and Model View Controller Pattern – I get how PDO’s work and I can code up one, just the preparing and executing of statements is confusing me a little… As for model view controller, I am slowly getting how it works and how to code up an application in MVC.

One thing is certain, I am enjoying programming at the moment – both C# and PHP…I cannot wait till I become a master at both of these languages 😀

Coding applications one line at a time :)
Coding applications one line at a time 🙂

Playing around with Windows 10 Technical Preview

When news surfaced that Microsoft would be unveiling a new Operating System, I was excited, I wanted to see what the new operating system would be like. On the 1st October 2014, Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview – this is a beta version where users get to test and play around with the new operating system. So far, I have been enjoying the new operating system – I find it to be ALOT faster than Windows 7, and really, it does not alienate the desktop and laptop users like Windows 8 did. I hope we will see a lot more high quality apps on the Windows Store after the launch of Windows 10. I definitely will not be heading back to Windows 7.

The Return of the Start Menu...this time, version 2.0 :)
The Return of the Start Menu…this time, version 2.0 🙂