Seeing as how I had recently installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview, I had decided to install a couple of apps on my notebook and give them a try. I do not think much will change as far as apps go, apps on Windows 8 should run on Windows 10 easily. I installed Asphalt 8 on my notebook, played the game for a few minutes, and I must say, not only did this game impress me, I may be addicted to this game – this will become my favorite game to play in those hours where I have nothing else to do, or I need to do something fun when procrastinating.

General Information

The game was developed by Gameloft – the last time I had seen a Gameloft game was back in the day when Java games on mobile phones were a big thing. The game is about 1.3GB in size, and requires DirectX 11, and 2GB of RAM (although when playing this game, it feels like it doesn’t use anything near 2GB of RAM). The game is free on the Windows Store – users play the game for free, and may buy some upgrades, or perks to their cars or races. I am so glad to see Gameloft developing quality games for Windows, Asphalt 8 is a clear example of this. I am a “light gamer” – I am a huge fan of the racing games, in fact, I live for the racing games. Asphalt 8 managed to put a huge smile on my face – it brings fun back into racing!!

Asphalt 8 Game play

Single Player Mode

Asphalt 8 brings a fun approach to game play – The user has the choice of playing the game in single player mode or multiplayer mode (this requires a decent internet connection). What makes me enjoy this game so much is that the single player mode is not just plain, old-fashioned, boring races – the player will be faced with multiple fun events, of which these are grouped in Seasons. Events the user will face are your classic races, elimination, drift mode, take down mode, Infection mode and many other modes (I have not finished the game yet, but I know there is a lot more to come). A few other aspects of this game that make me really fall in love with this game is the ability to customize your cars – performance and visual appeal. After every event, the player will accumulate points based on their ranking as well as their racing skill(s) – these points can be used to buy new cars and/or upgrade your existing cars. If you do not want to work hard for new rides, the player can buy performance upgrades and race perks using their money (from a credit card or similar). One last thing that makes me appreciate the game is the cars in the game – these are well-known cars and they are modeled well. Apart from the events, the user gets to enjoy amazing scenes, jumps, and cool barrel rolls and take down / crash scenes. The user can also take part in events (these are displayed when connected to internet) and reap in the rewards!!

Below is game play footage of me playing a race event – 2 laps. The race track was amazing, those moving objects almost got me. I loved taking down the other cars, it made me feel like a complete bad-ass, one that doesn’t get messed around with.

Link To The Video File: VIDEO

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode doesn’t seem to work with Windows – I did do a bit of googling, ran into their support website and they do mention they having server issues. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon so I can get on and give the multiplayer aspect of the game a spin! I am running Windows 10 Technical Preview (64-Bit) on my notebook at the moment, I would not be surprised if it’s the Operating System that is causing this issue.

 Graphics and Music

Another aspect of the game which makes it really enjoyable, makes you feel like you are in the “racing zone” and that you want to play more and more of Asphalt 8 is the music and the graphics to the game. The music in this game is really great; I would have to score it a 9 out of 10. The player gets to choose from 3 music genre – Rock, Electronic and Dance. The music in each genre is great, these are not those typical shady tracks that no one has heard of, these are well-known, awesome tracks. I would love it if they had added K-Pop to the list, but that may be stretching it a little too much 😀

The game graphics are stunning, and visually appealing – feels like “eye-porn” to me :D. The game graphics I would have to score an 8 out of 10….the graphics are beautiful and very much “arcade-like”….

 Overall Impression

I am pleased with the overall game quality – this game delivers that fun, exciting game play that many racing games fail to deliver. The graphics and music really impressed me. This game is ideal for someone who does not want “serious” professional racing, but a fun spin to it. The game is kept interesting and worth playing with the many types of events the player can take part in. Unfortunately, I could not get access to the multiplayer mode of the game – I am hoping this will be fixed soon, so I can update my story here.