I always felt it was a little awkward to go and open Windows Media Player and play music from there, then and only then, open up the game I want to play, but mute the in-game music (this would mean I would need to go through the game settings and make this change). It becomes a pain, especially having to open media player before running my game. Thanks to the lovely developers up in Steam, I do not need to worry about music, well, for my Steam games at least.

In the latest update to the Steam Platform, a Steam Media player has been added – this media player works just like any other media player. It can index all the music on your computer (you get the choice of specifying where Steam should find the music), as well as music on your steam account. I applied the update, gave Steam Media Player a try, and I must say, I was impressed:

What impressed me about this media player was the way it displays my music – on the left, it will display a list of all my albums and just on the top of that, I can search for any album/artist within my media library. On top of this, the graphical user interface is really nice…I love the background album art display blending in with the program. One thing which has annoyed me, with Windows Media Player, and Steam Media Player seems to have gotten right is the display of track names which are not in English (here, these tracks are displayed nicely, in Korean).

As part of “celebration” of the new media player, steam has a few specials running, of which you can read from their website.

What Should Be Done Next?

Obviously, one would love to see the many improvements they may make to the software. One thing I really want to see from the Steam Media Player is a feature that when you are playing music from the media player, and you open up a Steam Game, the in-game music and/or sound is automatically muted (I am sure something like this is possible).

Overall, I am glad Steam now has a built-in Media Player…now I don’t need to have 3 things open to enjoy a gaming session (Media Player + Steam + Game).