This week, of anime has been a rather sad week for me – that Zankyou no Terror is wrapped up, and just realizing how beautiful the story was, makes me appreciate this anime more!! I believe Zankyou no Terror is most likely the best anime I have watched this year, and we won’t get something like Zankyou no Terror any time soon. Fairy Tail has been rather “playful” but it looks like some serious stuff is going to unfold soon. One Piece, well, I still don’t know (or rather remember) who this mystery character is, I’m interested to see who it is! Akame Ga Kill…all I can say is, Mine got trolled hard!

Tokyo Ghoul….sad to see you wrap up!!

It was so sad to see Tokyo Ghoul wrapping up, so early!! I loved how the story began and played out, and I loved the ending – the last episode went down so well…Kaneki’s character development was amazing in the last episode – he started as this poor, weak boy, feeling sorry for himself, and ended up being a man who takes action and fights for what he wants…reality struck him hard I guess. The last episode starts off a little weird, but it slowly starts making sense, especially with Kaneki’s childhood story and the current torture he is going through!! I loved this episode so much…I would love to see a Season 2 of this anime!!

Big ups to Kaneki for growing up in this episode!! Touka will be so amazed 🙂

Akame Ga Kill….Mime, you got trolled!!

Episode 12 of Akame Ga Kill was not too serious, it was a fun episode….it didn’t take away the awesomeness that has happened already!! This episode was mostly about the new members to Night’s Raid – we got to learn a little more about Susano and Chelsea – I am happy with Susano; the skills he showed at the recent HQ attack, courtesy of Lord Stylish and crew, really made me trust in him. Chelsea’s ability is quite interesting, but I would love to see more of her – her combat skills, how she handles tough situations. The news of Lord Stylish not being alive anymore had reached Esdeath and team – it looks like that brawl with Night Raid is coming soon, and it will be a good one!! Finally, the mystery guy at the end of Episode 12 – I wonder what is he all about and what is he going to do…I smell some trouble coming!!

Fairy Tail….Hmm, it looks something huge is going to happen!!

The last two episodes of Fairy Tail have been rather “playful” – they had just done a bit of work, cleaning up the mess the Princess had created. They had celebrated, most parts of the episode…we got to see how fun Fairy Tail characters can be, and just how well they work together, with this week’s task. With all this fun happening, I could help but noticed this little odd “animal” sneaking around town, it turns out, its Zeref’s pet (I assume Zeref sent it to check up on things). A very interesting conversation between Zeref and Mavis happened, and it looks like some serious trouble is going to unfold (more hectic than the Edolas saga).

One Piece…I am Loving this Arc

I am seriously enjoying this arc of One Piece – I was a little bored of the Fishman Island arc, it felt like it was dragging forever and ever! What makes me love this arc so much is that Doflamingo is at the centre of all things – I have always wanted to see all about Doflamingo. I am expecting this arc to be quite long and interesting – with the array of powerful people Doflamingo has in his family, I am expecting the Straw Hats to struggle, A LOT! Another interesting development here is the war that may surface, thanks to the “fairies” of the Tonkata Kingdom. It was sad to see Trafalgar law get owned so hard, but then again, this is Doflamingo we are talking about.

Bellamy was getting owned so hard by Dellinger, I loved watching him get beat up!! This week’s episode (episode 663) was okay, not too much hectic stuff happening, but I would love to see the paw-paw hit the fan already!!

Zankyou no Terror: Thank You for an Amazing Story

Again, another anime I am sad to see go. The anime wrapped up in 12 episodes 🙁 I felt it was so quick!! This anime has such an interesting story – the interesting riddles the police had to solve to prevent attacks really made things interesting!! Initially I did not get why Sphinx 1 and 2 were doing this, but slowly, more and more hidden information surfaced and it all made sense – I love stories that develop like this!

I am sure going to miss Five, Nine and Twelve…as well as Lisa! Zankyou no Terror goes down as the best anime I have seen in 2014!!

Terra Formars…Hmm, looks interesting

I decided, well, since Tokyo Ghoul and Zankyou no Terror have wrapped up, I might as well as pick up another anime – I decided to try Terra Formars – it is a new anime, and I must say it looks like it is going to be really interesting. A disease that is killing humans, and the possible answer to solving the disease is to go to Mars, the home for the disease…I watched the first episode, and the thought I was getting from this was “This is going to be another Shingeki no Kyojin, or Sidonia no Kishi”…both of which I enjoyed! I can’t say much now, but I am looking forward to the next few episodes, hopefully we will get to see more drama and action!!

We got to see a bit of Hizamaru in action!! Those eyes remind me of Tokyo Ghoul...hehe
We got to see a bit of Hizamaru in action!! Those eyes remind me of Tokyo Ghoul…hehe