UPDATE: Because more epic tracks dropped towards the end of the year, and at that time, I was busy with tests and exams, I have decided to update this post accordingly. Don’t worry, these are tracks that dropped in 2014, and are worth the mention. 

Out of all the years I have listened and enjoying the melodies of Korean Pop, I must mention that the year 2014 has been one amazing year for Korean Pop…we have seen amazing comebacks and tracks from the big groups such as 2NE1, F(X), 2PM and so many more. On top of this, we got to see some amazing new groups join the Korean Pop entertainment world (Akdong Musician is my favorite newbie group).

In this post, I will post some of my favorite Korean pop tracks from this year (seeing as it is almost the end of the year). Hope you enjoy the list below:

Melted (얼음들) – Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션)

This track will remain my favorite track for a very long time. Reason I put this as my number one track is just how deep and meaningful this song feels, how unique the song is, and it is not your typical “noisy” kind of music. Akdong Musician wins best newbie duo 2014 for K-Pop if you have to ask me.

Smile Again – WINNER

I’m Him (걔 세) – WINNER

Another new group which I really enjoyed right here!! This track, and I’m Him (걔 세)  are my favorite tracks from WINNER. WINNER was formed after the WHO IS NEXT competition, where YG trainees are put to the pedal, and compete against each other, to début as WINNER. WINNER has proven they can deliver quality music to fans, and I hope they will continue to blow our minds away with more impressive songs!!

Go Crazy (미친거 아니야?) – 2PM

One comeback I was totally not expecting this year was 2PM’s comeback. They come back track, GO CRAZY(미친거 아니야), was exactly as promised – A comeback track, loaded with craziness!! The boys went crazy in this music video, and made the song so fun and enjoyable to listen to! Had a listen to their album, and it was impressive!! The HOTTEST are certainly happy with this edition to 2PM’s music.

Come Back Home- 2NE1 (투애니원)

MTBD (멘붕) – CL (of 2NE1 – 투애니원)

Seeing as I am a Blackjack, hearing 2NE1 would be making a comeback this year really got me extremely excited! Their entire album (Crush) was impressive, and I believe this is the best album they have produced for us fans! My favorite track here is COME BACK HOME – as well as the unplugged version of the song (I really wish there was a deep, meaningful music video for this song). Other tracks I really loved was CL -MTBD (멘붕) and Scream (although I love the Japanese version more 🙂 ). The group was on tour this year…I really wish DVD’s of the concert are released!

Danger (태민_괴도) – Taemin (of SHINee)

Taemin blew us away with this amazing track. The music video has impressive dance moves, not too much, not too little, just about right, and the song really has an awesome tune to it. I also watched his Music Bank performance and that one was stunning!! Taemin released a mini album this year, which is quite good, and worth the listen!

Fantastic – Henry (헨리)

Oh Henry’s mini album and this track are really impressive!! He gave us such a classic, yet catchy, upbeat song!! (Still trying to learn the lyrics of the song). The music video, dance moves and the song are great, and it is a must-listen if you have not heard it yet!!

Overdose (중독) – EXO (엑소케이)

Now this track was insanely off the hook!! I just love how this track had awesome vocals, an awesome rap part, and a freaking awesome music video!! I am pretty sure almost every K-Popper had this track playing on repeat on their mobile phone’s or music players for weeks, because I was hooked for a while to this track! Thank you, EXO, for giving us yet another amazing track! The EXO-L’s must be proud!!

Video Game – Boys Republic (소년공화국)

I am so glad I heard of this group through my favorite K-Pop forum, AllKPop forums. I had a listen to their mini album and they produced enjoyable music. Had a listen to Video Game, and I must say this is quite the catchy track!! The music video is amazing, loved every moment of it!! The group is relatively new… will definitely be keeping tabs on this group!

Red Light – F(X) (에프엑스)

Paper Heart (종이 심장) – F(X) (에프엑스)

I started loving this song after listening to it the 3rd time….it really was a rather weird song at first, but now, this song is just too great!! F(X)’s come back album Red Light is quite an enjoyable album – I found myself enjoying almost every track in this album…It made me so proud to see one of the groups who got me into K-Pop show they are still in the game with this amazing album!! Another song I really loved in this album was Paper Heart (종이 심장)

Eyes, Nose, Lips (눈, 코, 입) – Taeyang (태양) [of Bigbang]

Stay With Me – Taeyang (태양)

I am pretty sure many K-Poppers (VIP’s in specific) were extremely happy when Taeyang released a full album this year. I had a listen to the entire album, and I love every track! This album really displays Taeyang’s talents to its fullest! My favorite track here is Eyes, Nose, Lips (눈, 코, 입)… What made this song so popular and even more enjoyable was the many cover’s YG artists did of this song (My Favorite cover is Lydia Paek’s Cover). Another favorite of mine is Stay With Me (featuring G-Dragon).

 4Minute (포미닛) – Whatcha Doin’ Today (오늘 뭐해)

4Minute (포미닛) – Wait a Minute

I must say these two tracks (Wait a Minute, Whatcha Doin Today (오늘 뭐해)) are quite enjoyable tracks!! I loved the Whatcha Doin Today music video because it was so fun and humorous!! Had a listen to 4Minute’s mini album and I much enjoyed every bit of it!! These two tracks were part of those tracks I had playing on repeat on my mobile phone for a while 🙂

Red Velvet (레드벨벳) – Happiness (행복)

Another new K-Pop group which has come up with an amazing song!! I am keen to see and hear more of Red Velvet, this song really amazed me!! The music video is great…colorful and full of fun!!

Scarlet (스칼렛) – Hip Hop Song (엉덩이)

Another new group which has managed to come with a catchy song!! Music video was great, nicely done, and pretty fun (set in the beach). I love the rap part in this song, it feels so bad-ass!! 🙂 I hope to hear more from Red Velvet!!

Eternity (기적) – VIXX (빅스)

First VIXX delivered an impressive debut album last year….I still enjoy listening to Voodoo Doll, and watching that awesome freaky music video!! Vixx did it once again, by giving us Eternity, which I think is such an awesome track, in fact, almost every track in their mini album is amazing!

Last Romeo – INFINITE (인피니트)

Back – INFINITE (인피니트)

Last Romeo and Back are amazing tracks, they sound so great!! Both music video’s are impressive, I loved the story behind the “Back” music video, felt like an action movie! What I love so much about INFINITE is that they deliver amazing tracks each time!

Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) – MAMACITA(아야야)

Another comeback which I was really keen for, and was not left disappointed! Super Junior gave us this amazing track and music video – the music video is so hilarious, I find myself re-watching this video at times 🙂 I am really glad Super Junior is back and delivered an amazing music video and track!! 🙂 I’m going to be listening to their album shortly, I feel it will be great for the ears 🙂

Sugar Free (슈가프리) – T-ARA (티아라)

One of the comebacks that got me real happy was hearing T-Ara would be back in business! I was real happy to hear of this because they were the main group that got me hooked to Korean Pop. Had a listen to their latest track “Sugar Free” and I must say it is quite nice! The music video is great (just wish lighting was reduced a little), and it wasn’t over the top. Had a listen to their mini album and that was quite nice! I heard a couple of remixes of this track would be released, so I am hoping to get to hear them soon!!

UPDATE: More Awesome Tracks

As mentioned earlier, I had been tied up with exams and tests, so I could not come back and update this section as more awesome tracks were dropped. Seeing as I am on holiday mode now, let me update this page accordingly.

G-Dragon and Taeyang – GOOD BOY

I must say, 2014 has been a great year for YG Entertainment. I feel like YG Entertainment has A LOT of hidden talent, but waits for the right time to make debut’s. This song is just epic…. it has an amazing beat, a brilliant music video, epic dance moves (what I love about the dance moves is that they not so advanced and complicated, yet they are amazing!). Whenever GD and Taeyang do something together, the result is ALWAYS amazing!! I loved every minute of this music video, it suites the song. Nice work, Taeyang and GD, keep it up!!

HI SUHYUN feat. BOBBY (of iKON) – I’m Different (나는 달라)

When three, highly talented artists with strong voices come together, they make one (or more) epic track(s), like the one above. What can I say about this music video and song? Pure amazing!! When I first heard this song, I fell in love with it – I had it on repeat the whole day, even in my head, while in lectures. I wish Bobby had more lines to rap in this song – not that I am complaining, this is one fine art of a song. The same can be said about the music, it tells an entertaining story, which I couldn’t help myself and laugh at those funny moments. I hope Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun make more amazing duo songs together.

HOTSHOT (핫샷) – Take A Shot

I heard about this song on a Facebook group which I highly enjoy (South African’s Who Love K-Pop). I can see this is a new group – I did a quick Google Search and saw they made their debut in October 2014 – they have done well, producing an amazing song!! Nice dance moves, I hope I can dance along to this music video 😀 I can’t wait to hear more from this group, I will definitely be on the look-out for any new tracks and music video’s they may come with.

Link to the Dance Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxYK3klqwtU 

MINX (밍스) – Why Did You Come To My Home? (우리 집에 왜 왔니)

One more new group to look out for – A brilliantly executed debut! Great music video, great track!! Loved every moment of it. I can see these girls being the next huge girl group! What makes me like this song so much is that it has a nice beat, nice vocals, and it is a cute song 🙂 Go Minx!!


2014 has been an extremely busy, yet exciting year for Korean Pop. We have seen this with the amazing tracks and albums the famous groups have put out, as well as the newbie groups coming out with impressive tracks and albums. There may be a few tracks here I may have missed, so I will be updating this post more often.

Other comebacks I am really anxious for is EPIK HIGH and Bigbang – Epik High has an amazing set of hip hop music, and bigbang was “the” K-Pop boy group a few year(s) ago!! I hope we see a comeback from both groups this year!