QuickTorrent has introduced a number of changes to its service. A new “follow-up” review has been done, testing the new features added.

There are times where I will want to download something, but it is easiest to get it through a torrent (other methods involve going through heaps of horrendous advertisements and software that won’t give you what you want). I would just make use of my internet connection – 3G HSPA mobile data from Cell C, but there are some months where I unfortunately, manage to use up my entire data cap – that being 20GB. The next thing to use after my cap is dry, is the crappy Wi-Fi at my residence (I am lucky to see any speeds above 200kb/s), or the university internet (reasonably fast, but restricted). Most universities will block torrents and other cool download sites for many reasons – a few I can think of is legal issues, bandwidth usage, and perhaps, productivity levels. Fortunately for me, my torrenting days just got a lot easier and convenient.

I am a regular user of the formidable MyBroadband Forums – this is an awesome community on the internet which has pretty much tips and tricks on almost everything. It is on these forums I discover a new cloud torrenting service, QuickTorrent which has proven to be one of the best things I have used. What amazes me so much about the service is the speed at which it will retrieve the files in the torrent, the lightning fast download speeds, the minimalistic design, and now, the affordable pricing. Users can sign-up for a free 3 day trial – plenty of time to do testing 🙂

QuickTorrent's Home Page
QuickTorrent’s Home Page

Speed and Performance

The speed at which this service retrieves torrents is truly amazing. I have seen my weekly anime episodes take about 10 minutes to load up, on QuickTorrent’s side. Of course, the speeds are influenced by the seeders / leechers ratio. I imagine there may be many other users setting their torrents to download, and the fact performance hasn’t dropped just yet, is amazing. As far as storage goes, the user will get unlimited storage, together with unlimited speeds and torrents.

The same can be said with the user’s download speed – Normally, one would expect to get 40 – 90% of their maximum download speed through torrents, and that is because of the shaping, or throttling, applied by some ISP’s. Downloading the files from QuickTorrent was supurb – the download speed was the best speed I could get with my current internet connection (at home, this is 210kb/s).

Luckily for me, the university has not discovered this cool service yet (or they may have, but are waiting for the “right time”), so I have been able to get my downloads done easily and fast (during peak and off-peak times):

A QuickTorrent download using my mobile data connection
A QuickTorrent download using my mobile data connection
A QuickTorrent download at university, during the busy times (peak times)
A QuickTorrent download at university, during the busy times (peak times)


As much as we want things for free, we cannot get everything for free. If there is free stuff, its most likely over-used or just poor quality 🙂

The pricing for QuickTorrent is very reasonable, even a student such as myself can afford the prices! QuickTorrent recently lowered their pricing which has me and my wallet smile. Payment is fairly easy, make use of your credit card (Visa / MasterCard) and PayPal account (I have a Cheque MasterCard and this worked well). Below is a breakdown of their pricing – it should be noted that all their price plans have unlimited torrents, unlimted downloads, and unlimited speeds (a big plus, for me):

  • 1 Month: $2.99
  • 3 Months: $5.99
  • 6 Months: $9.99

Other Stuff

One thing QuickTorrent does not have, and they have confirmed (at the time of this post), they will implement, is resume support for downloads – this is a much-needed feature, especially for people whose Wi-Fi and many other connections are not as stable (I happen to be one of those people). Another cool feature I would love to see is a QuickTorrent desktop application, where files will be downloaded straight to your PC, like Mega/OneDrive, etc.

Overall, I am pleased with this service, it delivers superb performance, and the pricing is reasonable. If the service levels stay the same, I might stop using uTorrent on my PC, and move everything to this service 🙂