The last few weeks have been a little tight – had to return to university for the second semester, sort a couple of things out, cut out a few things that are serving no purpose in life, and of course, doing what I do best – running around the interwebs looking up an array of cool things, cool video’s and of course, cool anime to give a try.

A few anime’s which I decided to give a try are Akame Ga Kill, Tokyo Ghoul and Zankyou no Terror. As you will notice, all these are relatively new anime (They all got about 7 episodes out at the time of this post). At the time of this post, all these anime’s have reached a point where so much drama is going down and more trouble is making its way to the front! I’m not much of a heavy anime viewer, I love anime 🙂 With all this out in the air, let’s get started shall we?

Akame Ga Kill

What I love so much about this anime is that there is just so much bad-ass!! To keep things short and sweet, the anime is about a special revolutionary force which established its own “Sub-Division” which goes by the name “Night Raid”…they deal with taking out all the big time scum in the Capital city. A newbie, Tatsumi, goes to the Capital city in hopes of getting a better life, but learns the truth behind the Capital city….and thats where all the fun begins.

The story line for this anime is not too “complicated” or advanced, it is a rather easy to follow story line and normally you would assume “Okay, easy story line….this anime is going to bore me”…that is clearly not the case with Akame Ga Kill…. the cool stuff Night Raid gets up to keeps us viewers clutched tight on our seats!! There was one really sad, unexpected moment, and I think this moment has become the “turning point” for the anime – in that more and more serious stuff is about to happen!!

This anime is definitely worth the time – epic characters…I am loving Akame….she’s such a skilled character, and I hope the anime will give us a time where we can see ALL Akame can do – all the cool techniques and moves she can do. The killing scenes are awesome, a little bloody (not the bloodiest kill scenes I have seen, but they are up there), and I would love to see more!!

Tokyo Ghoul

The same can be said with Tokyo Ghoul – that it isn’t a complicated story line, and that it is easy to follow and keep track of what is happening. One thing that I was a little sad about was the extreme bloody scenes – that they were somewhat censored…I want to see LOTS and LOTS of blood and limbs flying left right and center!!

The anime starts of Rize, who is just eating humans left, right and center. She meets an innocent boy, Kaneki, who has taken a liking into her. From there, things get a little rough, Kaneki and Rize get involved in a little accident, and Kaneki becomes a Ghoul (Rize’s organs get transplanted into him). From this point, the story develops at a steady pace, that is, until drama happens, then the pace of the story starts picking up. Ghouls are humans that eat humans (I hope this is the right definition). The first episode was done nicely! – brilliant voice acting, brilliant story….there are still a few unanswered questions, which I think will lead to even bigger things!!

I am hoping an uncensored version is released – I really want to see ALL the blood and limbs flying left right and center!!


 Zankyou no Terror

Zankyou no Terror….wow this anime really is something else. The story starts off a little weird, but in a cool way, with one of the plants getting robbed (some object Plutonium) was stolen and the mark VON was left. The story then transcends to two boys who go by the names Sphinx 1 and Sphinx 2, and they terrorize Tokyo, but in an interesting way – they put out riddles, give the authorities a chance to solve the riddle before they move to “drastic” actions.

The riddles they use are all interesting – very informative and worth the time. Another thing I like about this anime is that it is not moving at a fast or slow, the pacing is just right. Also there are many things that have not been answered just yet…like what role is Lisa going play and how is she going to develop, what is the real reason behind Sphinx 1 and 2 terrorizing Tokyo, what does “Five” really want.

Very interesting anime if you ask me, definitely worth the time!!

Zankyou no Terror (Trailer 1)

Zankyou no Terror (Trailer 2)