Seeing as I have quite a bit of time on my hands, I decided it was time I gave Korean TV shows a try. I was not sure which one would be the best one to start with; I was worried it may be too fast-paced, or that I may not catch on some of the jokes, or that it may be hard remembering the names and characteristics (personality and looks) of each person on the show. Boy was I wrong, I found myself enjoying SBS Roommate so much, to the point I now watch Roommate with the lights off, and a bag of chips next to me.

So, why did I decide to take a shot at Korean TV show, moreover, why Roommate? Well, I started listening to Korean Pop since late 2012, and I must say, it is the best thing that has happened to me – I am now a full-time K-Pop addict, I do not see myself quitting the game…The music is just too awesome!! Because now I am a full-time K-Pop addict, I wanted to try a new Korean TV show, which has some of the K-Idols I adore, and I heard Roommate is quite the show. I heard the show was where celebrities are to live in a house together. Initially, I was thinking…hmm, this sounds much like Big Brother, which I happen to find rather boring. Anyway, I decided to watch the first episode….I watched the entire episode and I got hooked!!

I am on episode 4 now (busy trying to look for episode 5, which has nice English subtitles, so I can watch), and I find myself laughing out loud every 10 – 15 minutes of the show. What I love about Roommate is that it feels completely different, that people of different ages and backgrounds are in one house, that they are so friendly and loving to each other, and they come up with the most funniest things ever (I was going to state an example here, however, that would ruin it for anyone who is wanting to watch).

My favorite celebs in the house (so far) are:

  • So Ra – I just love how classy she is, well, she comes across as a classy one to me. I love how she is caring she is, when one of the girls have a breakdown, she is there to comfort themJ. I love her dog, so cute…. Giselle <3
  • Ga Yeon – I just love her so much!! I love how badass she is (that she is a MMA Fighter), and that she is very pretty and has such an awesome personality!!
  • Shin Sung Woo – He comes across as the “Father” of the house to me. He cooks such amazing meals for the housemates, he is also very mature…and you would think because he is so mature he wouldn’t blend in with other age groups – clearly not!!
  • Bom – I just love how spontaneous and random Bommie is, she has such a colorful personality, I love it!! I have known Bommie for some time, she is a member of 2NE1 (my favorite Korean girl group)….. 2NE1 Hwaiting!!

Roommate has so many funny moments, I just could not recall all of them!! I think another thing that makes Roommate so enjoyable is that it is not just any reality show, where the people will eventually get eliminated and there will be 1 or 2 winners left, it’s a fun, family showJ.

I am glad SBS Roommate is the first Korean TV show I have watched – I am now encouraged to go and get more and more Korean shows!!