I visit YouTube, and one of the video’s on my YouTube homepage was titled “Cheap As Hell Female Takes Being Cheap to a Level not Known to Man”. My initial expectations were this being one of those other stories where the woman is involved in some hood fight, or some woman caught for evading taxes or something similar…when I watch the video, I was like “Oh My Gosh!”….the title of this video clearly is not misleading!

Okay, I get that now days, we cannot buy as much as we could buy 10 years ago, and money is tight and does not come easy…but with all that, it still does not justify such cheapness!! Stephanie has many money-saving techniques, some were really funny and cheap, some were rather sad. These one’s really stunned me:

  • Stephanie makes use of 1 light bulb for the entire house – This ensures only area you are using is lit up. This one is not too bad, but really funny….she saved about $60 a month.
  • She has the “navy shower” rule going on – turn on the water, splatter yourself with water, shut off the water, and then apply your soap and only then can you turn on the shower. This one is really low, a bit sad if you ask me.
  • Reusable water – okay now this one is extremely cheap, come on now, you so cheap you have yo reuse water
  • Guests carrying a candle to the bathroom (and other places) as light
  • Turning off the television when commercials play
  • Storing literally every left over should it not be consumed
  • Cooking lasagna in the dish-washing machine
  • In the supermarket, when she says “I am only going to pay for what I am going to eat”, she literally means this!

This level of cheapness really is disturbing, what is the point of being so cheap, saving so much? Yes, I get that you have to do all you can to save to cut your costs, but saving so much and not enjoying living at home? Living in such extreme conditions? All I know is, this level of cheapness is definitely not healthy!!

Watch the video below, it will literally shock you, and make you laugh a bit:

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