Akdong Musician (AKMU). I just love how natural this duo is - the very definition of true art
Akdong Musician (AKMU). I just love how natural this duo is – the very definition of true art

Initially I was thinking of writing out a formal review on the duo, but then I thought, hang on, I wont have enough time to formally lay it out – so I am just writing what I am feeling now.

On a random Saturday morning, I finally took the time and bandwidth to download Akdong Musician’s Album – that being PLAY. How I got to hearing about this duo was from my favorite Korean Pop forum – AllKPop, as well as my favorite place on Facebook at the moment – The South African K-Pop Fan Group.

I downloaded their album, got my cup of coffee ready and plugged my headphones in – my first expectations were the music would be normal “poppy” music – with the mild to extensive auto-tuning or enhancing the voice so it can reach notes that it could not reach on its own. Even for the music video’s – my first expectations were for them to be flashy, a lot of plastic dancers, and maybe a bit of trash….boy was I wrong on both cases!

I listened to the entire album, and man, I was mind blown!! Their music is just so unique, so natural, so calming, I love every second of it! What impressed me so much was that their tracks are not given that “poppy” feel – many instruments being used, auto tune extensively used, voices enhanced. In addition, I loved how each track was just so simple, not too much, yet so enjoyable – words alone cannot describe how pleased I was with this album. I love EVERY single track from this album, and that is really hard for me – to like every track on a given album – the moment I get into such a situation, I know the artist(s) of that album are damn good!! 🙂

My favorite tracks are Give Love, 200%, Melted, On A Subway and Artificial Grass. One track that stood out so much for me was Melted – this is an EXTREMELY beautiful track – the song managed to get hold of my attention and my emotions – As I was listening to this song, I could feel this “deep” sad feeling, I could understand what the song truly is all about, and I could relate to this song – I won’t lie, after hearing the song the first time, my eyes started watering. The moment a song can grab your attention in such a way, you know it is a brilliant song.

Akdong Musician has amazing music video’s, I love how they are not over the top, and that they simple. The fact the music video’s were simple, this managed to deliver the message(s) behind the music video effectively – my favorite music video is “Melted” – again, beautiful song, beautiful music video…I recommend everyone watch this music video.

Overall, I really love Akdong Musician (AKMU) – They my favorite new group for this year. I really love their style – simple yet powerful. I hope they keep up the great work, keep their reputation and not bend to the “common” pop group image (sorry if I have offended other pop groups here 🙂 ). I am excited to see what Akdong Musician has in store for us!! 😀 😀

Akdong Musician – the very definition of true art!


  1. Melted Performance at SBS KPopStar3
  2. 200% Music Video
  3. Give Love Music Video

In fact, just head over to their official YouTube Channel for more amazing video’s, and “Like” their Facebook Page 🙂