This post contains spoilers to the latest episode of Naruto (Naruto Shippuuden 363) and the last two chapters (Chapter 678 and 677). If you have not seen these and hate fillers, it would be wise not to read any further!

This is such a rare time for the anime and the manga – that both are getting really interesting, things are happening left right and center, and they both keeping us wondering what’s going to happen next. The manga I felt has been okay, except for the random times where they will throw in “irrelevant” flashbacks, flashbacks which we have already seen in earlier chapters of the manga, or in the anime. As for the anime, well, I sort of gave up on it – I generally do not enjoy the filler episodes they throw in, I would prefer they put the anime on break, if they needed to wait for the manga to stretch out a bit. Anyway, enough about what I think of the anime and manga…I thought I should write a short post on the anime and manga….

The Anime

After many episodes of filler, the anime finally gets with the story! Boy was this episode amazing!! It had the perfect combination of action and “talk-no-jutsu”, and the pacing of the episode was just on point. What I found really cool was the amount of teamwork that was happening in this episode….HQ orchestrating the bits and pieces of the “Allied Shinobi Jutsu”. It was so perfectly done, even Madara was stunned that all 5 nations worked so well together.

If there is one thing I was sad about, is that the episode ended on a cliff hanger – I am just waiting for what’s going to happen next!! Heads are going to roll in the next episode that is for sure!! I am hoping the anime can keep things as interesting as they are now…please don’t throw in any more fillers now 🙂

Uchiha Madara in shock (well not really shock) that all 5 nations could work together
Uchiha Madara in shock (well not really shock) that all 5 nations could work together

The Manga…Shit Just Got Seriously Real!!

As far as the manga goes, what I thought was a pipe dream, and that it would not happen, actually happened – Infinite Tsukuyomi finally gets activated and people start falling into what’s described as the “ultimate genjutsu”. I initially thought the plan would get really close to activating, then Naruto and Sasuke will have figured out a way to stop Madara…but that didn’t happen. I guess it isn’t much of a shock since this is Madara and he kept getting stronger and stronger. As I read, seeing more and more people falling into the genjutsu, it hit me, that shit is really happening now!!

As Infinite Tsukuyomi is in full swing, we get to see people’s dreams – some dreams were okay, some dreams were rather silly, but in line with the character, and some were rather sad – Gaara I am looking at you. My question is, will there be a time when people under the genjutsu will realize that all is too good to be true? What will they do when they realize this, should they even realize it?

Another thing that I am really worried about here is Sasuke – I thought now that Sasuke is not as “ratchet” as he was, and that he took interest to end the war, and that he has been granted some power, from the Sage of the Six Paths, he would be in it for the common interest – that being to end the war and return everything to normal. His rather blunt choice of words, and some of his actions really makes me wonder…I do see a full-out battle between Naruto and Sasuke – perhaps this will be a fight for who becomes Hokage, or something bigger than that?

One turn of events, that seriously shocked me, was the deception that happened at the end…I am still confused about how it happened…I didn’t think it was possible!! Madara, the “man with the plan” getting owned like this? I was seriously thrown off my seat with this twist.

Uchiha Madara...the "man with the plan" deceived...the moment that no one was expecting!
Uchiha Madara…the “man with the plan” deceived…the moment that no one was expecting!

Overall Impression

I am really happy with the way the anime and manga are going – both are really interesting and are keeping us readers and watchers interested – wanting more. I hope the anime can keep things going now, I would hate to see another filler this year. I hope we can get a detailed explanation of the deception that happened in the end…For once, Madara gets a taste of his own medicine.

I think one man who deserves a lot of merit, from this war, is Uchiha Madara – he is the only man who promises what he threatens…others have been talk and little action.