Week after week, we get that one E-Mail, broadcast to everyone in our university, or rather, department, that there is some flash drive that “went missing” (we all know that flash drive got stolen…any flash drive greater than 8GB of storage is worth stealing). To make things worse, some E-mails come with a tragic ending – that being the student’s project is on that flash drive, and that was the only copy he/she had. When I read this, the first though that goes in my head is “WTF…why do you rely so much on your flash drive…the only copy you got is the one on your flash drive…WTF”.

Another thing that I find shocking, is if the student that lost the flash drive is an IT Student, or a postgraduate…I mean come on, you should be knowing the dangers of carrying flash drives around, surely.

Thanks to the latest advancements and innovations with technology, I do not own a flash drive (okay, I do own one…it’s a 2GB flash drive I got for free for doing a HIV test…come on its free, who can resist something that’s free 🙂 ). Typically, I backup most of my important documents online (this is through a service like OneDrive, or Google Drive). I also make use of the student drive allocated to me (I map the network drive on my laptop), and I store a copy on my laptop hard drive, and my external hard drive…so I think I am pretty much covered. I really wish more people would realize there is no need carrying flash drives around and putting so much dependence on one.

I make use of 3 online storage providers – OneDrive (this is my favorite), Google Drive, and Dropbox (I am not a fan of Dropbox, I just use this one because my online assignments use Dropbox). I also started trying out Mega’s online storage (which I must say is pretty amazing, 50GB of space…just worried what happens if this goes down). What makes me really love OneDrive is that it feels so professional – maybe this is due to the fresh Graphical User Interface you see when you access this via your web browser, the large amount of free space given for storage – you get 7GB free storage, and you can pretty much use it to store almost anything. Google Drive is also similar – she gives you up to 15GB of free storage, a really nice, and clean Graphical User Interface, and the desktop application really runs so smooth. What makes me love OneDrive and Google Drive so much is both give you the ability to view and edit documents online, using their online editors – this means you do not have to worry about the PC you are using having an Office Suite, you can get all your work done online.

I do see myself buying more online storage from one of the two – that being OneDrive or Google Drive…I do want to back up my entire external hard drive online (I got a 1TB external hard drive), but I will have to do research as to which one is the most affordable, and what their payment options are.

Honestly, I feel people shouldn’t be using flash drives if they just going to move important documents and other files around. Online storage is a lot better, and more reliable…I’m never lucky with flash drives, they eventually stop working, or I forget one in my pocket and it gets destroyed in the washing machine 🙁

I suppose the only issue with using these online services is having a fast internet connection working…but that is getting better and better – internet is becoming affordable and faster by the year.

A really funny cartoon on data loss...found this gem a while ago...made me laugh. Image taken from: http://www.admiralsystems.co.uk/data%20loss.html
A really funny cartoon on data loss…found this gem a while ago…made me laugh.
Image taken from: http://www.admiralsystems.co.uk/data%20loss.html

Image taken from (and an interesting read, by the way) : http://www.admiralsystems.co.uk/data%20loss.html