I initially thought of separating all in the heading – that being new catchy songs I have heard, my reaction to this week’s edition of Naruto manga (Chapter 647), and a few other random things, into separate posts, but then I thought, hmm…now that would take up a lot of time…and I do not have much of that anymore. So, the plan of action is to now combine all these into one sweet post.


I must say, I am glad I discovered this band – Boys Republic. I had a listen to their music, and I must say it is enjoyable, it has that “fresh” factor in it. I would like to see these guys go real big, like big enough to stand next to 2NE1 and Bigbang. I have seen two of their music video’s – Party Rock and Video Game (I have seen both the story and dance version). The music video’s were impressive, especially the choreography…I can’t believe such fresh dance moves exist 🙂 If anything, I hope I can pull of these moves some day…I guess more and more practice is needed!!

Thank you AllKPop Forums for this discovery!!


Note to readers: If you have not read Chapter 647 of the manga, and/or you hate spoilers, do not read any further

I read this week’s edition of Naruto manga (Chapter 647) and I must say I am impressed with what is happening, and what is going to happen next. I was expecting this chapter to be no different to the others (It will either have long flashbacks, or it will end, back on square one, or it will just be the usual talking about friends, and the struggles and other gibberish). Two main things happened in this chapter:

  • We got just a small taste of the new power Naruto and Sasuke have acquired from the Sage of The Six Paths – and I must say it is was a really great taste…It has left me excited, waiting anxiously for what’s next.
  • The ending of the chapter was brilliant – Uchiha Madara vs Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto – a battle of the God’s if you ask me 🙂

I am hoping the next chapters to come will be more focused on the action – I want this to be the biggest fight the series has seen. I would be disappointed if Madara goes down easily…I do want to see Sasuke and Naruto struggle a bit, but eventually beat Madara with some brilliant plan…I think this would be fitting since Madara is still a badass 🙂

I think Gai deserves a round of applause, he’s the only that has managed to put up a great fight with the new Madara 🙂


I thought it would be nice to put out what has happened around me and/or on the interwebs…I thought my readers might find some humor or they could relate…if all fails, the internet trolls will probably make use of this somehow.


I find it really sad that some people can be so stupid – to be more specific, I really get annoyed when people make use of ADSL (Absolutely Dumb Stupid Logic). I don’t know why people would think in that way and still manage to keep a smile on their face, as if there is nothing wrong with that logic. Reason I mention this, is, a so called friend of mine came to the following conclusion:

There is no such thing as being gay. You do not see a gay dog. Being gay cannot be proven scientifically, you do not see gay animals. You need to stop seeing that psychologist, you wasting your time…come to church, you need to see a Priest; he will fix you up. You just have not met the right girl yet, you must find a really nice girl. There is no such thing as being gay, it is just a mentality – it is the devil gripping his hands on you. 

Not surprising coming from a religious extremist 🙁 It is things like these that just make me question some people. My advice to everyone, if you have anyone that uses such logic, cut them loose as soon as possible. As my psychologist told me: “Do not walk away, you must RUN away!” 🙂


Honestly, I do not know what I did to deserve this amount of bad luck in such a short space of time – my cellphone charger broke, my laptop charger broke, and finally, my earphones (oh dear, those great Samsung earphones) broke…this all happened in 2 days. I was so ghetto, I had to go to the computer lab at the university, find someone with the USB cable, compatible with my phone, so I could charge it up real quick.

I thought that would be the end of my misfortunes, but I was wrong – just yesterday, my replacement earphones (I had to get new ones) broke. I have since purchased new earphones, although these are not as great, just bearable.

I hope a series of really great things will happen to me – I deserve some goodness from all this bad luck I have got 🙂


Being at university, I do not have the same “high roller” internet connection that I had, at home – that being a 2Mbps ADSL Line and uncapped data. The university provides unlimited internet, but they block off all the cool things about the internet like torrents and downloading from your file sharing websites…I suppose they meant to do it, so people could do some work, and not rape the internet to the point no one can get access to internet. I got my 3G HSPA+ data card (I get 5GB peak + 15GB off-peak), but that eventually runs out.

I found this really cool service, QuickTorrent – it allows you to download the actual files in the torrent…you basically upload the torrent file to QuickTorrent, in your account, and the QuickTorrent downloads all the files in the torrent (provided there are seeders of course 🙂 ). The speed I was getting from this service is excellent – it goes to the top speed I get with university internet – that being around 220kb/s. The service is on trial at the moment, and prices should be around $6 per month (not final price, about). If they can keep the speeds like this, I wouldn’t mind paying this small fee 🙂