WARNING: Please do not read any further if you have not read Naruto Manga 665. There are many available places to read the manga online.

This week’s chapter of Naruto was not great, it had so much potential to be great – If it wasn’t for that flashback of Gai that took up the majority of this chapter, and the ending sort of being a “back to square one” situation. Naruto manga has not been that great lately, the anime has not been that great either.

In this chapter, we are aware of the 8th Gate, and that it may lead to the death of Gai. The fact this is mentioned, it implies that this will be one powerful Gate – I really do hope this new power will leave a huge dent on Uchiha Madara, if it will not defeat him…I would be extremely disappointed if this power doesn’t make Madara feel the heat. Although the flashback was a little unnecessary, it was kind of nice reading through it – also learning that Gai really is like his father…he took up all, or most, of his values and qualities from his father. The chapter ends as Gai gets ready to take on Madara….who I do not want to see get defeated so easily.

My question for this is, how powerful is this new power? Is it powerful enough to make Madara boil, or at most, defeat him? Also how long can Gai use this power?

Gai getting ready to mess Madara up!!
Gai getting ready to mess Madara up!!

What I am happy about is the manga has now put the spotlight on someone else, for once it is not on Naruto 🙂