Image of 2NE1 Members (From Left to Right): Dara, Bom, CL [Leader] and Minzy
Image of 2NE1 Members (From Left to Right): Dara, Bom, CL [Leader] and Minzy
Popular Korean Pop girl group, 2NE1, released their second full album, titled “Crush” on the 26th February 2014. The album has 10 amazing tracks – I feel every Blackjack (a term used for the fans of 2NE1) will be pleased with this edition to 2NE1’s albums – it was worth the long wait, and the fans twitter outcry on twitter…. #WeWant2NE1 🙂

The new album is not all we 2NE1 fans will be getting – there will be 4 new music video’s releasing – two versions of “Come Back Home” will be

I decided to have a listen to the album, and I must say, this album is amazing!! Seriously!! The album covers everything…you have you have your upbeat songs, your catchy songs, your slow songs, your reggae and much more!! My favorite tracks in the album are “Crush”, “Come Back Home”, “Happy”, “Scream”…it is really hard to pick out “favorite” tracks, all the tracks are just too great 🙂

I honestly feel this album has put 2NE1 on new heights; Their 2010 Album “2010” really gave me that “badass” feel, this album give me the “diversity” feel. 2NE1 has proved that they can make great music, no matter what the genre is.

Just when I was going to write about how Scream would make an epic music video, a teaser for the music video has been released, which looks very, very pleasing. The song is so catchy, a dance music video would even work! I am expecting some badass dance moves 🙂

2NE1 Scream Teaser

2NE1 Album “Crush” Review

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EDIT: I have been listening to “Scream” and “Come Back Home” for 2 and a half hours, still sounds great 🙂