Popular South Korean K-Pop group, 2NE1, released 2 music video’s on their YouTube channel – Happy and Come Back Home. Both music video’s were released on the 2nd March 2014. I must say, I am extremely satisfied with both music video’s – “Come back Home” blew me away, the most – I was originally expecting a sort of sad music video (this is from listening to the track as well as the unplugged version of the track). From watching the music video, you will appreciate all the computer graphic work that has gone into it – yes, it is a lot of graphic work, but it is controlled, there wasn’t a point in the music video where I felt the huge amount of graphic work was just all over the place, with no order. Secondly, I really liked the setting of the music video – a sort of cyber-futuristic world. Another thing to notice about this music video is that the video brings out the best of 2NE1…it combines their “bad-ass” image with their “natural”, calm, image. According to YG Life, this is what they aimed for, in the music video:

The MV of “COME BACK HOME” was especially striking. While maintaining the powerful and charismatic images of 2NE1, the surreal alien-like ambiance of a different planet was prominent.

This statement, I entirely agree with – Kudo’s to 2NE1, YG Entertainment, the Computer Whizzes, and the many other people who worked in putting together this exhilarating music video.

The second music video, “Happy“, really was nicely done – it hit the expectation I had for it (that being a really relaxed, happy, fun music video). The music video was initially released at the 2NE1 “All or Nothing” tour, on the 1 – 2 March 2014 at Seoul. Fans welcomed this amazing reveal…this was evident from their clapping and cheering. This music video really is all about being happy…not a serious song, not too sad, well-balanced (for me). This is the song I will listen to if I am having a really rough day, and the usual series, anime, or coffee doesn’t cut it. This music video was not all “teched-up” like “Come Back Home” which I think is a great thing – I am pretty sure it would have taken away that, bubbly, happy feeling, as intended by the song and music video.

I am really happy with all that 2NE1 has done, if anything, it shocks me how they are able to do so much, and maintain such an impeccable standard. I am keen to see the upcoming music video’s – I am hoping “Scream” will be a nice, high paced music video, maybe with some epic dance moves 🙂 If there is one thing I wish 2NE1 would do, is that they make another “Come Back Home” music video – this one must be the unplugged version of the song – and the music video must be kept minimal and neat, almost similar to T-ARA’s We Were In Love Music video. 2NE1 has defined what it really means to “Up your game”…Keep up the great work, 2NE1 :D2NE1 Rocks!!

Just a few screenshots from the music video “Come Back Home”…You have to watch the music video!!