Mikasa from Attack on Titan - Reality
Mikasa from Attack on Titan – Reality

‘Reality’ is something at which you can define. Reality is term you can inevitably use to create your own world based on your cultural paradigms hence your attitude towards reality itself. My concept of reality is defined from the influences in my life. It was these influences that enabled me to see things differently. I often compare reality to a path at which I walk on. The path itself is either clouded with pure darkness or light. I was inspired by contemplating on what reality is by writing a short little piece. Enjoy the read!

The Art of Hatred. I have always seen society as a place that is constantly overrun by Anger, Pain, Violence and Hatred-and that Hatred simply gave birth to more hatred and that Hatred, simply allowed myself to be consumed by that Hatred towards human beings. I never believed in peace-it was something that was simply wishful thinking. I always thought that if peace truly existed, I would do everything that I can to get it because peace was something that was the blossom of Hope that would make society a place no longer inflicting pain, anger and hatred. It always made us humans inferior to society because society itself controls us. It controls the way we display different persona’s in different places, how we should dress and how we should treat other human beings. I was never the type of person that would interact with human beings because most of them lost themselves in the crowd. I felt that if they lost themselves in the crowd, I do not see any reason I should interact with people full of pretense. I guess I did not have the perfect life many people had. This, was my REALITY.