WARNING: This post contain spoilers to Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8. If you are not prepared to be ruined or have not seen the episode, please do not read any further!

I woke up this morning, feeling neutral, not expecting anything to “wow” me. Clearly I was wrong, that is, after watching Walking Dead Episode 8 of Season 4.

I must say, this has got to be the best episode of season 4,so far – so much goes down in this episode, I felt so many emotions in this episode – one moment I am really shocked, the next moment I am really bleak, the next moment I am happy justice has been served…..yho, too many emotions here!!

The episode starts off pretty relaxed, with The Governor (who went by the name “Brian”), brainwashing his followers into taking the prison and wiping out everyone living within the prison. I was kind of disappointed that his followers took all this in without raising any flags (If you recall in the season 3 finale, the followers then did raise some flags, which resulted in them being massacred), but I suppose it is expected of them to buy The Governor’s crap.

The episode starts building up afterwards, with the revelation that Michonne and Hershel being taken hostage and that the plan for taking the prison would not end up in blood being spillt. We then get another revelation that someone has been sneaking rats within the walls of the prison – we still do not know who it could possibly be, but I do have my suspicions 🙂

The Governor and his Followers ready for action!
The Governor and his Followers ready for action!

And then the fun begins…. The Governor and his followers arrive, they deliver their demands, and they are loaded with weapons – they are not playing around!! This is the part where I ask myself the question, since these guys are holding guns, there is even a tank ready to cause serious damage control, can they not see that blood will definitely be spillt? Even now, when this scene starts building up, getting more intense, can they not see The Governor just wants to have his vengeance at their expense? This war could have easily been avoided had they seen through this, and turned on The Governor.

Hershel hit with Michonne's sword by The Governor....may his soul rest in peace :(
Hershel hit with Michonne’s sword by The Governor….may his soul rest in peace 🙁

I like what the writers of this show did, when the tipping point had been reached….When Rick now was telling everyone the truth about The Governor and how they can live together….I was sort of on that wagon, believing the situation would tone down, and with The Governor also seemingly considering this idea (him dropping Michonne’s sword), I thought no one was going to die just yet – Boy was I sadly mistaken! I was pleased with how they went about showing The Governor’s answer, it was beautifully done! The moment that happened, shit finally went down, bullets flying left, right, and center, the prison itself taking blows from the tank, and people dropping dead together with the Walkers also joining in on the fun!

The episode ended well, with The Governor being put down (if not, the walkers will swoop in and finish the job), and everyone fleeing the jail, in search of a new place (I assume). I have several questions here, where did Carol disappear to, will they run into her in the future (this is what I am expecting), did Judith really die (I hope not) and how many of the Governors followers have survived, and will they take their own vengeance on Rick’s group??

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this episode, I will give it a 10 out of 10 – I feel this episode makes up for the average ending of season 3!!

This was my Sad Moment, when Megan got bitten by the walker buried in the ground :(
This was my Sad Moment, when Megan got bitten by the walker buried in the ground 🙁