Last night, I decided, you know what, I am done playing Blur, so I decided to change and play Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare. Before playing it, I wanted to LAN it over the internet with a friend, because it is more fun owning your friends over the internet :D. It took me quite a while to set everything up, so I decided to make this little note here, in case someone else wants a piece of this action! 😀

NOTE: Before starting, you should ensure that port forwarding is enabled on your router. On 3G Modems, most mobile networks incoming connections due to “cost” of bandwidth. Should this be the case for your 3G connection, please consult your Service Provider for the “unrestricted APN” (this does not block anything). 

Before I start, it must be noted that there will be a couple of things that you must download and signup for – they are safe, don’t worry :D:

  • Tunngle – Tunngle is a p2p VPN tool which allows you to do all sorts of things, such as playing your favorite old games, over a “LAN” connection, over the internet. You will have to download this nifty software here:

You will also need to signup for a Tunngle Account, which you can do here: . After signing up, you will need to confirm your e-mail address, so be sure you put in your actual E-Mail address 🙂

  • Of course, you will need to get the actual game. Grab yourself a copy from Steam or from that “other place” – I wont mention this “other place” 😀

Note: Should your installation (download fail) of Tunngle fail, please visit this link which will explain what to do: 

Now that you have all the above ready, it is time to move onto the next step, and that is setting everything up…


First thing you must do is run Tunngle. You will be prompted for your username and password. Enter these details and login – login should take about a minute or so.

Tunngle User Interface -Login Screen
Tunngle User Interface -Login Screen

After logging in, you will now be at the start screen. Close any unnecessary advertisements that may appear. Now, in the search box, under “Network Search”, type in “Call of Duty 4”. After that, hit enter.

Tunngle Start Screen
Tunngle Start Screen

Now, after seeing the search results, double click on the first link. This will take you to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare network. The joining should take less than 30 seconds.

Tunngle List of Networks. Join the first one!
Tunngle List of Networks. Join the first one!

After joining, you can now go and start your game – Simply open up Call of Duty 4 (iw3mp.exe) and start a LAN game. After starting it, tell your friends to join your came by simply selecting Join Server and then finding or game OR using the connect function (connect – xxx indicating the IP address. It may be wise to password protect your game so that unauthorized guests cannot hinder your session.

Should there be joining errors, the host must download the server exe. file for Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. After downloading it, paste this file into where the Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare file (iw3mp.exe) is stored.

Here is a link to the file: (Password: z4l)

Read More about this at: 

The host must then run iw3mp_server.exe, host the game and now you should join without any issue!! 😀

Happy Lanning!! 😀 😀