Need For Speed Rivals
Need For Speed Rivals

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have released the long sought patch meant to fix the many issues with Need For Speed: Rivals. According to the EA Answers Community, the patch addresses the following issues:

  • Stability, performance and frame rate improvements
  • Improvement to host migration
  • Several Issues around host migration

The patch was released on the 13th December 2013 and is available to download on Origin.


The patch is about 76. 03MB in size – I was expecting it to be a little bigger but hey, I was glad the game is getting that fix. I launched the game on my laptop and not much improvement with the frames per second rendered – I am still experiencing the same frame drop (I feel it has gotten even worse now). My graphics are still looking grainy and old. I had set my graphics to the lowest possible graphics and I even used the Nvidia Control Panel to customize 3D settings for the game…..I still didn’t notice any improvements 🙁 There is still no steering wheel support for the game, and it looks like it is still capped to 30 frames per second 🙁

I am hoping the game has fixed the online multiplayer session migration issue – unfortunately I have been throttled by my ISP 🙁

I guess EA and Ghost Games will not be repairing this game….. 🙁