It is that time of the year when people kick into relax and “I am invincible” mode (this is prevalent by the number of accidents on the roads, drunk driving, speeding, etc). I was heading for the gym to break a sweat – to get there, I need to pass the beachfront. I was extremely shocked at how “messy” the Beachfront has gotten….totally out of control, just drunk people crossing the roads, heavy traffic and the place being extremely filthy. I am pretty sure the beachfront was not this bad when I was still a toddler….there was some order back then.

I do not see why people go all out in celebrating this time of the year. I do not celebrate this time of the year, don’t see why I should be celebrating. To me, I just see it as one time where everyone goes crazy, and in January, when money is needed for school, they now broke. Yes, a vacation would do, but going this crazy…..too ghetto for me 😀

The Intense Traffic at the Beachfront....definitely not worth the 15 minutes wasted..
The Intense Traffic at the Beachfront….definitely not worth the 15 minutes wasted..
The Beachfront....from the view of my gym
The Beachfront….from the view of my gym
More Chaos....
More Chaos….

I ran into this little interesting video on YouTube – which shows this braai / chill area that everyone flocks to during the festive season. That place is too ghetto for me!!

I guess December is not a good time to be heading to the beach 🙁